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  • NEW 3/25



☆★ A “revolution” of shining beauty is born here! ★☆

☆ ★ The supreme beauty descends brilliantly ★ ☆

☆★ A LUXE-ranked beauty whose destiny changes with just one encounter★☆

Gorgeous beauty and overwhelming body line
It is a superb beauty with beauty that transcends expectations.

Her beauty is a neat and clean look that anyone can appreciate.
Full of pure and innocent beauty
It's inevitable that your heart will be stolen by your dazzling eyes and smile
I can't help but be glued to her innocent expression
Atmosphere that makes you feel not only beauty but also dignity and intelligence
By talking to her, you will be able to confirm her obedient and obedient personality.

gracefully flowing hair
Delicate white neck and glossy clavicle
Rich bust that gently spreads from delicate shoulder width
Exquisite proportions that have just been completed

The body that draws a feminine curvaceous beauty
Combined with her obedient and pure personality, it is fascinating.
Well-balanced D cup bust, narrow waistline, beautiful hips and
Everything is in perfect balance, making you imagine how comfortable it is to hold.

She has a dignified appearance, and is full of intellectual, neat, and healing charm.
She is a woman that I can recommend to any type of customer.
Graceful use of words, honest reaction, everything is pure, she is a rare beauty.

With her everyday life full of neatness
A bold and sensual side hidden in it
When you gently caress her body, she responds sensitively.
Sometimes you will feel a pleasant feeling that makes you forget yourself

Despite its high potential
Her unpretentious humility is her charm

It can become a new legend of our store Number Five Shinagawa
It is LUXE rank beautiful woman "Sumire"

We look forward to your reservation.


31 Mar 14:00 - 


  • NEW 3/5



★☆Completely inexperienced in the industry☆★

★☆Naughty beauty of active dental assistant☆★

★☆A super rare beauty with only one male experience☆★

Introducing Seika-chan, a beautiful and cute girl.

The soft atmosphere that she naturally gives off will surely attract you.

Innocence like a young girl who sometimes shows in mature sex appeal
Her pure and innocent smile will captivate you the moment you meet her.

A line of seduction that will monopolize the gaze of men
A beautiful body with soft firmness and elasticity is moisturized and glossy, and by touching it
Sweet sighs overflow one after another
When I saw her in disarray,
The customer's exhilaration is in a dimension that has never been tasted before.....

With a face that combines beauty and cuteness, everyone will be attracted to the seductive lips.

After exchanging kisses many times, the special and sensual time you spend with her
There is no doubt that it will be a superb experience that you have never experienced before.

She has glossy medium hair, ideal appearance and style for men, and has a bright and friendly personality.

If you have this much, you can't complain.
If there is even one, it must have been born with such charm.

Polite and polite, she is a brave girl who stands up for others
With such a charming personality, it may be inevitable that everyone will want to meet him again.

A blissful moment is exactly the time spent with her
Please enjoy the healing space with her that you will feel in no time.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers
That is our Number Five greatest joy



  • NEW 2/21



[Completely inexperienced in the industry]

[premier rank beautiful girl]

[Half-talent, Maggie-san's resemblance!!!]

Isn't a charming, cute and beautiful girl the strongest!?
A girl who has all three beats is entering the store!

Those bright eyes and puffy lips
It reminds me of that half talent Maggie!!

His observational eyes, which pay attention to even the smallest details, show his good upbringing, elegance, and high level of sophistication.
The sight of him staring into your eyes as he talks gives you the illusion that he is your real lover.

A body full of charm and an atmosphere of cleanliness,
Well-maintained, moist, white, snow-like smooth skin.
A beautiful bowl-shaped D cup bust,
The perfect body make-up, tight waist and slender arms and legs are truly works of art!
A beautiful butt with a feminine line will tickle your man's heart.

With a gentle smile that envelops you, caring, and a flexible and polite way of speaking, it is very comfortable to be with you.
You will have a wonderful time.
She is completely inexperienced in the industry, but she likes to serve men.
As for play, ambitions are high and future potential is immeasurable!!

The pure secret beyond that belongs to you gentleman.
It has a charm that cannot be expressed with words alone, so I definitely recommend playing it once!!

Since I am a completely inexperienced woman in the industry, I would like to ask for a gentlemanly and kind response.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers. That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




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