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30 Sep 12:00 - 


  • NEW 9/9



[Healing degree 120%]

[Exquisite slender body]

This is the ultimate in neatness! !

Release a healing aura from your whole body
It is an introduction of the finest slender beauty.

Just by being in the same space, at first glance,
It seems to embrace everything she has
It is a healing beauty who can read a gentle personality!

It's cute to be shy and shy to answer,
The etiquette is solid and the gestures and tone,
She is a gentle woman who feels very good in her manners.

Shining big clear eyes, straight nose,
Plump, moist and soft lips, beautiful and lustrous hair,
In that neat and beautiful adult woman
It also has the cuteness of a girl.

There is "something" that makes a man irritated and irritated.
The sexual curiosity that swells in her every day...
I can't hold back my values and interests, as well as the eros that lurks deep inside me,
Knock on the forbidden door!

Her expression makes me feel irresistibly erotic in bed
Please be careful not to lose your senses.
And you will want to stop time with its artistic body and charming personality.

In the process of spending time alone with her and getting to know her gentle and good-natured personality,
My first impression, "She's kind of cute and nice," was when it was time to say goodbye.
"I definitely want to see you again!"

All men will be fascinated and captivated!

Elegant demeanor and feminine modest soft demeanor and posture,
There is no doubt that the atmosphere full of kindness will be supported by people of all ages.

We promise you a very satisfying time.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


28 Sep 12:00 - 


  • NEW 8/7



A gentle and active female college student beautiful girl enters the store!

A combination of cuteness and beauty.
While there is an atmosphere like a literary girl who wears glasses and reads a book by the window of the classroom
The owner of two-faced looks that feels natural sex appeal at random times like Mr. Noriyuki, a friend of his youth.

"Asuna" is nervous, but she loves to talk.
As the distance gets closer, the time often passes quickly without running out of topics to talk about.
Let's call it a little Reiwa time machine.
Please let the flowers of the conversation bloom!

A friendly girl who fits perfectly with the expressions "fluffy" and "warm".
She is a clumsy girl who is a little out of place, and her appearance is also charming.
Despite being inexperienced, he is good at closing the distance, and before he knew it, they were lovers!
You may be a natural person.

A beautiful bowl-shaped chest that fits just like a C cup in your hand.
Your smooth, well-groomed skin feels like silk.
A thin and delicate body and a tight waist are just the best word!

This is my first experience with this job.
She seems very nervous, but at the same time she seems to be looking forward to it.
If you caress her sensitive body gently, you'll see her cheeks turn red and see her innocent reaction.

A youth love story that begins when love and love match.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


8 Oct 12:00 - 


  • NEW 8/6



[Mr. Nako Sakurai's close resemblance!!]

An idol girl with long black hair is entering the store!

Characteristic crisp eyes and high-quality lips that are glossy and plump.
A beautiful girl with a transparent feeling reminiscent of an idol.
The cute little animal-like features are very similar to that popular talent [Hinako Sakurai*]!!

Long, well-maintained black hair.
It sways from side to side with each movement, giving off a pleasant and mellow scent.
Direct hit to the brain by stimulating the nostrils!!
At that time, I am already a captive of "Rin".

160cm slim and tall style.
Fluffy and soft like a marshmallow, her E-cup breasts are great for massaging!
A feminine line that stretches to the buttocks with a tight fin.
An ideal style that goes out where it goes out and retreats where it goes down.
Gap may be a word that refers to "Rin".

She has a bright and innocent personality.
Talking in a positive way will cheer you up!!
The smile you see when you make eye contact is truly a national treasure.
The small devilish part that comes out occasionally also brings out her goodness.
Not to mention his charming nature, you could say that he has a natural bruise...
Even if you know it's a bruise, you still feel like it's good.
If you can meet me, I'm sure you'll agree!!

I can't take it anymore...
Please release your desires in a gentlemanly way!
It's hot these days, but let's warm up your body and mind even more!

We are looking forward to your reservation call.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


12:00 - 18:00


  • NEW 8/3



A shock wave ran through the Cinderella group! ! !
The best gift for number five this summer
What is this comfort...
Since the opening of Number Five, we have produced countless talented girls, beautiful girls, heart-throbbing girls, and comfortable girls. We would like to introduce you to a [talented talent] who can't let go of your eyes and you can't blink even for a moment.

Transcendental beauty...beauty, beauty, beauty Dressed in beautiful silk
Beauty has a reason to be beautiful here! ! !
[Completely inexperienced in the industry]
Existence like a sunflower that blooms in summer
Her name is "Reina"

A pleasant breeze blew at number five
When a girl transforms into an adult woman
A Kyoto-style beauty who can't wait to see her grow in the future
Delicate and detailed appearance, there is something divine about standing
I can't help but feel the love

A cute personality that makes you feel relieved while being beautiful
The adorable expression will shake the hearts of those who see it and fall in love in 2 seconds.
Scented, silky semi-long hair and a sweet smile on the mouth that makes you feel like you're in heaven
Clear, clear eyes with a click are pure proof that they don't know dirt
The word "superb" is exactly appropriate
It's like a word made for "Reina"

10 out of 10 customers are satisfied and become repeat customers [required]
Pretty, cute, adorable... A girl with all the compliments for girls
"Reina" who can be a synonym for beautiful beauty

Because I am a girl who has no experience in the industry, I would normally be a ``LUXE'' ranked ``talented talent'', but after receiving your guidance and encouragement, I would like to be promoted. Thank you very much

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.



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