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  • NEW 4/27



[Healing active female college student]

[Amaenbo neat and clean girl]

[Complete industry inexperience]

Cute and pretty
It is an introduction of a neat and clean girl.

She is full of infinite charm
Very calm and reassuring to be together
It has a healing atmosphere
I want to be with you forever.

Deliver to a handful of selected men
A love story spun with her.
It ’s the only time I can meet such a wonderful woman
It is the real pleasure of our shop.

For a cute smile that laughs a lot
There is no doubt that you will be fascinated
It is a "neat and clean girl".

It's rare to fall in love as soon as you meet
It won't take long to get hooked on her charm.

When I was stared at her clear and beautiful eyes
I'm so shy
For a well-balanced look
The adorable look looks great.

Be polite above all
A woman who feels comfortable with her.
I'm shy because I'm completely inexperienced in the industry
She has a sweet root
It will come into your pocket.

The erosive personality that can't be hidden
Gradually light your man's instinct.
Actually, he is a solid person and serious
Her biggest attraction is the atmosphere with some gaps.
For some reason, a man's chest will be throbbing.

He seems to like interacting with people
I want to see the smiles of everyone I met
Furthermore, the degree of expectation is MAX.

Comfortable body and on the bed
In the gap of bewitching appearance
There is no doubt that you will be fascinated.
Heals your mind and body from your daily fatigue
The rainbow-colored encounter with her
In a colorful palette that is just colorful
By adding your last color
It will be completed.

How about spending time with her to heal your body and soul?

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


18 May 14:00 - 


  • NEW 4/26



[Black hair neat and clean loli girl]

[Service-based active JD]

[Complete industry inexperience]

A beautiful girl who should be called a miracle is advent!
Is such a child really? A woman I can't help but think
The moment I saw her, everyone did it!
From the bottom of my heart
It is inevitable that you will hear a scream.

Both appearance and personality are wonderful,
A neat and elegant woman.

She says she likes Asuka Saito
There is no doubt that she herself is an idol.

Well-maintained glossy black hair.
A well-organized loli face where youth and beauty live together.

Her delicate and slender body
It gives you the best excitement.

Slurry and long limbs,
Curvaceous beauty flowing from the waist to the hips.
The beautiful line so far
It's hard to see you.

Soft and delicate skin.
Noble demeanor,
A scent of pretty breasts,
Flowing proportions
It nails the eyes of men.

Contrary to a slender body
A well-balanced and well-shaped E-cup bust
It is slightly colored and fruiting like precocious fruits.

After meeting, the refreshing breeze rustles in my heart,
A really nice woman.
For a serious look on the bed
There is no doubt that you will be able to move your heart.

Strong service spirit
The personality that makes men happy when they are happy is
Sincere service with sincerity
I think you can feel it.

Take off her veil wrapped in neatness,
Please enjoy the overflowing natural sex appeal to your heart's content.

I will never forget
Like a great experience ...
Like a love story that never fades
I think she will give you an inexperienced experience.

An unforgettable presence once you meet
Great cleanliness, exceptional transparency,
It will shake the emotions of the members.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.



  • NEW 4/17



[Active nurse]

[Royal black hair neat and clean system]

[Complete industry inexperience]

Until recently, a female college student!

Like the sunshine pouring in the spring
It is a store for women with freshness and warmth.

THE neat and clean girl with short black hair, which is rare in our shop!

Serious, cheerful, and straightforward personality that doesn't lie.
Unique kindness and healing atmosphere,
It is a woman with a presence that cannot be expressed in words.

Innocent personality and her smile
We guarantee that you will be healed from the bottom of your heart.

She walked up the stairs of an adult
It is in the stage of growth from a girl to an adult.

There is also a naive place,
The smile that makes you want to hug yourself is attractive.
Also she in bed
From a soft expression to a bewitching face,
I invite you with moist eyes.

With a slightly shy expression at the moment of staring at each other
Comfortable way of speaking and moist feeling
Healing negative ions will overflow throughout the room.

A gentle atmosphere that makes you feel at ease just by being together
A light sweet that goes into the depths of your heart.
It wraps the viewer in a soft and gentle air.

Furthermore, he may be an active nurse.
A wonderful woman full of hospitality.

Even though I have little experience, I love naughty things
To her who confessed while making her face bright red
Please kindly teach me various things.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.

That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


27 May 15:30 - 


  • NEW 3/23



[Unfussy model beauty]

Excellent healing.
It is the entrance of a gentle model beauty.

Her scent is fluffy.
Like when I saw a beautiful rainbow
We promise to impress you the moment you meet.

Everyone seems to look back unintentionally
Model-grade proportions.

A neat small face.
Plump eyes.
A soft and smiling mouth.

Not only a gentle personality
With a soft smile that is constantly and unconditionally directed
For a warm and peaceful atmosphere created with a gentle look
Just being next to me was full of healing and peace
You will feel comfortable.

Also noteworthy is its dedication.
It is a hospitality spirit.
She casually cares for everyone
Coupled with that looks
It's like an angel that gently envelops you.

Feel the high quality from all the parts,
Soft and moisturized, which is her charm point
Gently layer it on your pink lips ...
I will never forget it,
You should be able to spend a rich time.

The slender body that draws a flowing line and the smooth soft skin are notable.
Her, who has all the charm that women always pursue
You can see the bewitching side that you would never normally show
Only in our shop.

Furthermore, depending on the compatibility, the sensitive body will squirt ...

There is no doubt that you are a girl who enjoys dyeing your own color.
A higher-grade sense of fulfillment
It should give you a satisfying time.

I am thrilled to meet you who I haven't seen yet.

Her unique ultimate healing space is both physically and mentally
It will be a source of healing and vitality for tomorrow.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.



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