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7 Aug 14:30 - 



[August 1st (Sun) 15:30 trial entry]

[That entertainer !! Very similar beautiful girl !?]

[Complete industry inexperience]

An angel who suddenly appeared in our shop.
Introducing a gold medal-class beautiful girl who instantly raises your erotic gauge with no experience in the industry!

A must-see for Miki ◯ fans of yesteryear, who was the most shining in the heyday!
Depending on how you look at it, you can take it with former S ○ E48 Rena Matsui, Miyu Honda, and former free announcer Mai Yamagishi ...
Looks like an idol entertainer who shines brilliantly and brilliantly, which can be compared to countless times!
A genealogy that will surely reach your favorite idol.

Fantastic F-cup breasts with fair skin like powder snow, a memorial-class intense Kawalux, with a patchy feeling that seems to be inhaled.
A bright, cheerful and charming personality is an absolute existence that is loved by men and women of all ages.
Once you talk, you'll be drawn into and engrossed in her very friendly and lively natural reactions and facial expressions.
It is inevitable that you will want to meet again! There is no doubt that you will be nominated!

Moist eyes that want something that you want to spoil.
A feeling of close contact that is more than a lover.
A paradise time that starts from zero distance, exceeding the closest distance.
With such a beautiful girl, such a thing and such a thing ...

A refined pure white F cup that is comfortable to hold, has a transparent and soft mochi skin, and is attracted to a fluffy heart like milky white.
Experience the imagination of being gently sanded.
Please enjoy the uplifting satisfaction with your whole body!

Wrapped in her friendly and sweet smile, she will be in full bloom with a smiling flower in full bloom.

Although she is a woman who has no experience in the industry, she has great expectations and fun.
Thank you for your kindness as a gentleman.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* It is expected to become very popular.
We recommend that you make an early reservation.


6 Aug 11:00 - 



[July 13th (Tuesday) 13:00 trial entry]

[Like the midsummer sun]


A beautiful appearance that everyone recognizes as beautiful at first glance.
The sophisticated appearance gives off an aura that makes the surroundings gorgeous, and even in the crowd, it shines with a strong presence.
"There is no doubt about a big break!"
Everyone can't help but be convinced by the gorgeousness that attracts them.
"Big favorite !!"
It is a cast that everyone wears with a convincing beauty and a high-quality aura.
A fascinating muse that invites you with unprecedented brilliance.
A goddess who never disappoints has come down to you like a comet.

A beautiful yet friendly and friendly personality with a completed look like a female announcer of a commercial broadcasting key station.
She has an open and easy-going personality, a smiling face that pops, and a slightly natural and sweet voice.
The moment I meet her, I feel like a lover because of the exquisite sense of distance.
You'll want to know her before anyone else because of the superiority complex of the two of you, and you'll definitely want to monopolize her.

However, it is not only looks that you can feel the high quality.
Proportion refined by yoga as a hobby, smooth whitening skin like the finest silk and beautiful and elastic breasts.
All of them are more than enough to stimulate the five senses.

Dressed in elegant and gorgeous scents, we promise to bring you a happy time by resonating with supreme joy and excitement in your embarrassed appearance.
It delivers the passion to burn everything like the midsummer sun and the love that envelops you.

Her unique healing world is truly a paradise.
It will make you feel relaxed and luxurious, like spending time in a water bungalow while feeling the emerald green sea up close.
Please enjoy the healing time that can be said to be the ultimate paradise.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




[July 3rd (Sat) 18:00 trial entry]

[Cinderella for a limited time]

[7 days of heat haze]

There are only words of gratitude for the chance encounter.
Number Five Shinagawa has a beautiful woman with the finest name!

When you hold your hand over the dazzling sunlight of early summer, the silhouette looks vaguely like a mirage.
If you look closely, you will find a clearly beautiful form that slowly emerges.

A neat look that is as good as an idol.
Beautifully cuticled, well-maintained, naturally waved long hair.
Feminine, fair and smooth soft skin with a slender and slender body line.
A cute hip with a bust that sticks to the palm of your hand.
The ultimate beauty with a series of words of praise suddenly appeared here in Shinagawa!

I cannot hide my joy in being able to deliver such a wonderful woman to our customers.
Moreover, it is a limited secret part-time job for only 7 days.

I can't help but remember the seasonal pattern, the legend of Tanabata.
Just like she is Orihime and you are Hikoboshi.
Is this a fateful encounter?
What should we call this encounter instead of calling it a miracle?

You will be staring at you with a beautiful appearance that makes you feel superior just by being next to you, and big moist eyes that give off an overwhelming shine.

Is this encounter a dream or an illusion?
Two people who were reincarnated and reunited.
Put a prayer in the strip to be real.
Is it a sad ending to wait for such two people?
Hope to see you again.
I going to meet you now.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


4 Aug 14:00 - 



[June 27 (Sun) 13:00 trial entry]

[Active female college student at a famous university]

A sloping idol with patchy eyelashes like a French doll and a lovely and elegant sweetness.
This is the entrance of a 21-year-old active female college student who attends a famous university!

* Actually, the talent who spent half a year on the overwhelming specs and continued to persuade him will make his debut with full satisfaction !!

With a beautiful, clean and neat look, everyone is fascinated by the occasional cute smile.
And he has a very good personality, is easy to interact with, and has a sincere personality.
Well-educated and knowledgeable, you will be fascinated by the intellect.

The bust of the well-shaped E-cup and the waist, which is also the center of balance, draw a soft arc, and the hip line that flows from there.
Good looks, good style, good personality !!
Elegant beauty that gives a hint of the dawn of a new era in our shop.
She has an all-natural beauty.

Around the age when she wants to squeeze.
Curious and curious about romance and naughty things.
I also love interacting with people, and I'm sure that I'll be thrilled to see them on the bed as soon as I get closer.
Sensitive M constitution with little private experience feels seriously just by touching the skin.

The clear and beautiful skin shines brighter, and when you hug it, it flushes your face and weaves a time of excitement.
Like the love scene she longs for, she stares at each other, confirms and nurtures each other's love.
Please play the harmony of only two people with the goddess who has landed here in Shinagawa!

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


4 Aug 18:00 - 



[June 26th (Sat) 13:00 trial entry]

[H-cup huge breasts beauty with no questions asked]

Thank you for your patience!
H cup big breasts beauty who is as good as a gravure idol is entering the store !!

Your chest, which sways with a strong presence every time you walk, will surely nail your eyes and heart!
The 96cm H cup is not Date !!
When you pass each other in the city, you will be breathtaking in spite of its power.
Even if you wear a dress, T-shirt, or clothes, you can't hide it, and all the men's eyes are focused on one point. Rather, she emphasizes her charm and makes her stand out.

A glamorous style with a sharpness that can be tied up wherever it comes out, which no man can suppress excitement.
A special ultra miracle body that can no longer be expressed in words.

Good taste, good to see, good to touch, and good to pinch ... etc.
He also likes oral service.
Double attack with "96cm" H cup !!
The finest fucking blowjob that you can pinch, lick and hold!
While worshiping the two treasures, it is a masterpiece to look up at the top!
I feel like a king!

While she is fashionable and sophisticated, she also has such a cute and cute side that she loves Kure-chan.
He has a friendly and cheerful personality, and has a personality that makes him feel at ease with anyone.
The innocent smile that sometimes glimpses in the bewitching makes you feel young.
Was she born destined to fascinate men?

"Lethal Weapon (Final Weapon)" in our group!
Ready to launch photon missiles!
The target is ... you.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


4 Aug 20:00 - 



[Marvelous Queen]

For both our shop and our customers, a beautiful woman who trembles in her soul is entering the shop!
We promise you the first experience of unprecedented strong impact and shock that will create a new whirlwind.

Minami Tanaka's cute little animal looks and a petite, slender and delicate style.
It looks like a graceful or weak maiden like a young lady or a young lady who looks good in a neat and pure white dress.
The personality is also "Magic Princess" reminiscent of Minami Tanaka !!
Wisely "Azato Kawaii" She locks on to your heart!

If you think you've teleported to the side of you, pick up your sleeves from your lover's jumpsuit and say, "Hey ... chew ♪"
Begging for a cute kiss as if you stretched out and spoiled.
The ultimate mystery of one-shot killing!
Kyun is sure to die!
Immediate drop confirmed by killing seconds!
From there, a series of angry killer words !!
"I want to get along better ... Is it annoying?"
"Can I stay with you a little longer?"
"Because I like it"
He was stared at with his glittering, moist eyes, and his troubled face was knocked out!

The gesture of brushing the hair, adding the hair elastic with the mouth when tying the hair, and the item that can be seen only a little.
Calculation, not unconscious?
Yes, I'm addicted to it.
It's natural to be captivated.
Please catch a moment that makes you think you can be deceived.

Azato Kawaii is not the only skill of "Nazuna-sensei"!
Familiar with massage and possessing esthetic skills, it is a truly hybrid and superb time.
Actually, he is good at blaming words, and he also likes to blame.
With a mischievous and sultry face, he slaughtered men in the world and drained them.
All are non-standard women.
A girl just like a hurricane or a typhoon.
Nazuna poisoning warning is issued!
If you are looking for extraordinary stimulation, there is no doubt that she will choose!

Is she an angel or a little devil for you ...

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




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