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  • NEW 2/5



I'm happy to be able to show it to everyone!
Looks, style, charm, intelligence
We will introduce you to a beautiful woman who has it all.

[Beautiful huge breasts with the highest I-cup size in our store]

Japanese sex symbol synonym
A masterpiece that is comparable to the style of “Fujiko Mine”
bust 98
waist 57
hip 87
It is no exaggeration to say that existence itself is a miracle.
there is no! ! !
I guess she's not even close to being a gravure idol.
Is it not?

Such a beautiful woman is now landing in front of you...
Please come and witness the miracle!

[Completely inexperienced in the industry]

This will be your first job! ! !
I don't know anything yet, no threads, just pure
You can enjoy watching them react...
The white, translucent, soft skin is just like pure white.
Her body reminds me of a campus.
A pure white color that changes colors with just one play by the customer.
It's campus!
This opportunity will never come again! ! !
Please dye it to your desired color.

[Aegyo and intelligence are also guaranteed]

Although you are young, your consideration and behavior are
Elegance itself! However, a casual gesture is a man's heart
It also has a charming charm that tickles you.
If you walk next to me, you'll get envious looks.
That's probably the case.

I can't tell you too much here.
We can confidently deliver to discerning customers
A beautiful woman worthy of the name of Premier Rank.
There you are.

We can deliver such the best women to our customers.
That is our greatest joy at Number Five.



  • NEW 11/21



【Message from Shiro】
Hi, my name is Shiro! Thank you for visiting my page! I'm 19 years old, 165 cm tall, and my bust size is B cup. This is my first time working as an escort, and I'm a bit nervous, but I'm really excited and happy to meet you, especially since you've come all the way from a foreign country to Japan. Let's have a lot of fun together♪ (〃ω〃)

【Message from Agency】
In this chilly season, when one longs for warmth, I'd like to introduce a 19-year-old girl with black hair, embodying purity and charm. She's sure to capture your heart instantly.

With her tall, slender figure reminiscent of a model, she captivates everyone's attention. She's sociable and bright, brimming with charm and amiability.

Working at a fashionable cafe, she often receives requests for her contact details, captivating male customers to the extent that their girlfriends become jealous. She's adored by her bosses, colleagues, and customers alike, marking her as a special presence.

However, her experience with men is very limited, making her an epitome of innocence and purity. Her shy yet disheveled appearance is a sight not to be missed. Despite being inexperienced, her dedication and service stir up a man's deepest desires. Blushing as she shyly undresses, her finely textured, soft skin, characteristic of her teenage years, is irresistibly touchable.

'Shiro' is like a blank canvas, untouched and pure, making her future development an exciting prospect. Why not take the opportunity to color her world in your own unique way?



  • NEW 11/11



【Message from Rena】
Hi, I'm Rena! Thank you for visiting my page!
I have some experience with sex, but this is my first time working as an escort girl, so I'm quite nervous. However, I'm really excited to meet everyone who has come to Japan, and I'm looking forward to having lots of intimate moments together! ♪ Feel free to call me to your hotel or home.

【Message from Agency】
Her beauty is so striking that it captivates everyone at first glance. Her refined presence radiates a dazzling aura, shining brightly even in a crowd with her intense presence. "Destined for stardom!" is a phrase that perfectly fits her, as her glamorous allure is undeniable. "The top choice!!" She is a cast member who embodies beauty and a high-quality aura that satisfies everyone. As an enchanting muse with an unprecedented glow, this goddess has descended among us, never failing to meet expectations.

She possesses the polished looks of a commercial TV station's female announcer, combining beauty with a friendly and approachable character. Her open, generous nature and infectious smile are part of her charm. The moment you meet her, you'll feel a connection like that of lovers, thanks to the perfect balance of closeness. You'll surely want to monopolize her for the unique time you'll spend together.

While she has a bright and glamorous personality, her shy demeanor wrapped in allure promises the highest joy and emotion, touching your heart and bringing happiness. Like the gentle, warm sun of an early spring day, she offers a tender, enveloping love.

Like the city trees beginning to change color, her presence is somewhat melancholic yet heartwarming. Experience the unique world of healing she offers, a sensual autumn filled with poignant beauty. Don't miss the chance to enjoy this unparalleled experience.


12:00 - 22:00


  • NEW 11/11



【Message from Nia】
Hi, I'm Nia! ♪ I'm so happy that you're interested in me! ♪
This is my first time working as an escort girl, so I'm incredibly nervous, but I really love naughty things! ♪ Let's create some sexy memories together in Tokyo!

【Message from Agency】
Her adorable face could easily be mistaken for that of a top idol! We are delighted to introduce a bright, modern-day beauty who loves gaming and anime.

At the interview, her first impression was of a girl with a slender figure and a charming, radiant smile. Initially, she seemed a bit nervous, but as the conversation progressed, her innocent and cheerful nature shone through. Despite her youth, she instinctively understands the art of comfortable conversation, making for a delightful exchange.

Her slim physique is complemented by a perky, peach-like bottom, and her small, vivid pink nipples resemble juicy cherries. Her face is so petite it could fit in a man's palm! Combined with her slender silhouette, her cute appearance and presence are even more striking.

She's the youngest in our establishment, just 18 years old!

A pure and innocent young bud, still naive and untouched by the world. She calls your name with an untroubled smile, reminiscent of a younger sister. It's hard not to develop forbidden feelings for such an endearing presence.

There's no need to hesitate! Break through the barriers of reason and fully enjoy her glossy young skin, moist lips, and the unexplored allure of her developing beauty.

While she would normally be introduced at a higher rank, we've started her at this level due to her lack of experience. As she is completely new to the industry, we ask for your gentlemanly and kind approach.




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