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[May 7th (Friday) 17:00 trial entry]

[Supreme Principal]

A former ballerina beauty who has a gentle tone, a quiet demeanor, and a soft smile is the most cute and attractive.

She enjoys reading at the cafe on holidays.
Not only the politeness and elegance that come from the goodness of growing up, but also the serious and graceful personality and the compassionate standing behavior must be taken into consideration.

A tough and flexible style cultivated in the Classic Valley.
Straight limbs and a beautiful posture with a pin and spine.
The breathtaking beauty is like a work of art.
Please be excited to meet such a wonderful beauty.

A neat atmosphere, a straightforward personality, an occasional fascinating scent, and a wonderful duality live together in her.
It's hard to imagine from the appearance or while talking, but the reaction that can't be suppressed in bed, the bold eros that is created from the whole body, and the rich service.
A passionate kiss, a sigh that leaks just by tracing your back.
Please enjoy the pleasant sensation of your body and soul.

If you want to get away from your daily routine and be wrapped up in a gentle, nasty and naughty moment ...
I have no choice but to feel the looming pleasure with all my five senses at the same time as being healed with a peaceful look.

For you gentlemen, have a wonderful day with her shining beauty and her who is confused with healing and sex appeal.
Shall We Dance?

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


10 May 19:00 - 



[March 31 (Wednesday) 16:00 trial entry]

[Jeanne d'Arc revived in the present age]

Surprise and shock that you have never experienced before.
This is the first time for me, who has been an interviewer for many years.
I couldn't hide my confusion.

The figure standing in front of you is exactly "Bishonen" !!
Beautifully arranged half-faced features and very short black hair.
Pure and clear eyes.
You will feel as if you have jumped out of the Takarazuka stage.

Talking about her, she walked through a beautiful woman's garden from an escalator-style high school girl to a cosmetologist.
It is often confessed by the same surname.

Even more surprising is the inner side, which is contrary to the boyish appearance.
The feminine demeanor, soft and gentle personality is a gentle and pure Japanese style Yamato nadeshiko.
He has a very serious personality and always writes down notes during the interview.

And a slender and delicate style that has been shaped up.
Its dazzling beauty and her own aura are like sapphire with a distinctive blue that shines deeply and vividly.
The jewel words of Aotama Sapphire are "honesty" and "charity".
The deep blue color that seems to reach the bottom of the heart brings out the intellectual beauty of women and brings sincere and gentle love.
It will nurture and protect your precious love.

We will offer you a special time that can only be achieved with her.
Why don't you experience the forbidden love that transcends gender, such as BL (boy's love), which has been attracting attention these days.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




[March 23 (Tuesday) 14:00 experience entry]

[Glittering Angel Egg]

We would like to introduce a beautiful girl who is an active nursing student who has both healing and stimulation!

A dazzling and clean shortcut with a neat face that is just right to call it a genuine beautiful girl.
The straight spine and dignified appearance are exactly the modern nightingale.
There is no doubt that the customer service, which has a high maternal instinct, is full of service spirit, and is kind and caring, will surely attract many customers.

The goodness of growing up can be seen from each and every polite action, and with a polite and cheerful personality, he is a good listener who likes to talk and demonstrates his own hospitality.
I was delighted to see the happy face of a man, and with a refreshing smile, I was always fully supported with 120% satisfaction !!

The existence that men in the world long for is released from the busy schoolwork and shows only you a different face from the daytime.
Is there a time when you can feel so luxurious and superior?

The moment you're alone, you'll snuggle up, stare at you with your moist eyes, and ask for a kiss to spoil you.
From there, the feeling of desire that she was holding down as if she had cut a weir overflows at once.
I couldn't control my feelings of exaltation, and I lapped my lips violently, stripped each other's clothes in a hurry, and made them look as they were born.
Forget me and caress the whole body as if lustful and disturbed.
The fresh blue fruits are sensitive, and the embarrassed and tense refined fair-skinned skin sweats and becomes slightly pink.
Swim in the sea of pure white sheets without hail, and greet the climax violently.

An isolated island in the open sea.
Two people who finally met after crossing the seven seas.
The excitement and emotional situation is now in place.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


8 May 10:00 - 



[March 22 (Monday) 14:30 trial entry]

[Complete industry inexperience]

[Big wave that happens]

A girl who wants to take good care of her again.
Its existence alone captivates people regardless of gender
[The best talent] Discovered! !! !!
I was really surprised !!

Invited by the spring breeze, I slipped in at the end of the term.
Extremely popular child mistake pear!
The looks of the popular monopoly.
An unprecedented type of girl.

[Existence loved by everyone]
[A girl who will definitely love you if you are nearby]
If you can compare it, it's an orthodox beauty.
"Miyu" -chan ☆ 彡 similar to Yoshi * riho-san with outstanding likability

Appeared dashingly ... [Beauty] [Beauty] [Beauty]
Even this is a general trading company of beauty ☆☆☆
I groaned.
It means "Miyu" that there is no noise.

I have monopolized the [beauty] of Number Five
Still, he has a soft demeanor and is very easy to talk to.
Modern [Yamato Nadeshiko]! !! !!
All the staff are so impressed that I am thrilled to be able to introduce "Miyu" to everyone.
Spring has arrived early in the Five!
Did it!!!

Did you make a mistake in the store ...?
Why did you come! ??
A big wave is happening in Five with surprise and excitement.

[Ultimate beauty] with all the qualities of a girl

It's the No. 5 beauty level that you can say, "No, I'm glad I had five," so please take a look.
We will deliver it with 100% confidence!
Please look forward to it!

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* Originally, it will be introduced in the LUXE rank, but since the play is unknown because it is completely inexperienced in the industry, we will introduce it at a low price.
As a woman who is likely to be promoted soon, please play as soon as possible.


8 May 15:00 - 



[March 20th (Sat) 13:00 trial entry]

[A masterpiece of G-cup tall beautiful girl]

It is an introduction of a masterpiece model beautiful girl who is dazzling!
We promise the best time for everyone to be satisfied.

Beautiful Sarasara Bub Hair with a well-defined face.
With a height of over 170 cm, the beautiful body that leaks pheromone dada monopolizes the line of sight of men going to the city!
And what you will definitely notice is the beautiful breasts of the G cup that seems to be taut and soft.

An overwhelming spec that goes to the real Fujiko Mine on the ground while being a 20-year-old active female college student with a dazzling smile.
When you start looking for her charm that has been aligned, there is no end to it!
If you say "Nice to meet you" with a soft and cute smile, your heart will already be captivated.

It's only natural that the bright and laid-back atmosphere makes her feel kind and affectionate and engrossed in her.
Why don't you enjoy a special time only for two people while relaxing and deeply intertwined?

Furthermore, the fascinating glamorous erotic body is the ultimate talent of the generalized erogenous zone.
A pink sigh that leaks sweetly while trembling with pleasure while being cute and ashamed.
A sadly sweet voice that begins to be heard soon, and a figure that grabs the sheets while being disturbed.

Please enjoy the blissful time with the finest beauty who will never be impatient, with each and every one of those scenes burning into your mind.

Since it is still unknown, we will introduce it in the standard rank, but it has infinite possibilities.
Please contact us now !!

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


9 May 10:00 - 



I'm not going to stop being young and cute!

[Completely no experience in the industry].

She's reminiscent of the heroine from the nationally popular anime "Taichi," and she's your No. 5 manager, Minami.

She's a petite girl who makes you want to wrap your arms around her, and you can't help but glance at her when she's around.
She's the kind of girl you'd want to carry home in a box. 
A girl who is so small and natural that you feel her tremendous charm.
If I were to use a current analogy, it would be a girl who is not trying to be cute, but seems to be Azatkawaii.
Azatkawaii is a sin, isn't it?

She has a soft demeanor that always listens to people's opinions seriously when talking to them.
She has a humble attitude and tries her best to do things even though she doesn't know anything.
She has a devilish element that makes people want to cheer for her, regardless of gender.
If there was a general manager election for No. 5, Minami would definitely be one of the top three. 

Her well-balanced face and shining eyes are super impressive.
It's not every day that you find a girl who makes you happy, right?
She is also a dog person, and sometimes she can be a bit of a jerk.

She's a dog person, and sometimes she seems to be a cat person.
You can't leave her alone.
She has all the elements of a popular girl.

Let me tell you my personal opinion....
I can't help but think that she's a fresh 20-year-old Minami Tanaka....
I hope you will become Minami's supporter and manager.

A girl who blushes a little when she smiles is the best.
She has the air of a girl who is about to make it big.
Please get to know her!

I'm sure it's Minami's shy smile that will heal everyone who is tired of this Corona disaster!
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

She is completely inexperienced in the industry, so please be gentle and gentle with her.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we can provide you with the best women like this.
It's the best pleasure of our store Number Five.




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