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[October 14th (Thursday) 19:00 trial entry]

[My melody in your heart]

A beautiful girl with a unique background from music college to pianist to net idol is a shocking entrance !!

It's no longer like an idol class, an idol!
I'm a genuine former idol !!

The beauty is so beautiful that you can look back on it with your crisp eyes.
A perfect slender style that can be said to be a stone's throw for fair skin that is driven by the urge to touch as it shines.
Wear an overwhelming aura that is not an ordinary person.

Moist and smooth skin feeling.
Beautifully finished upward bust.
A tight and tight constriction that nails the line of sight.
It's hard to see a body line that you can clearly see even from the top of your clothes.

She is full of youth, and her heart and appearance stand out.
Isn't it a woman who wants to meet once, even if you use our shop with a certain eye for people, you have to be excited and have a love affair?
That urge is not a mistake!
Believe in that intuition !!

Her polite demeanor, cute gestures that make you feel a little natural at your own pace, and just talking about her will convey the goodness of her personality.
Her smile is impressive in any story, and her gorgeous atmosphere as a former pianist is just the beginning of what is about to begin.

A keyboard with beautiful, thin lines that you can play with your fingers, and a pedal that you step on with thin, long legs.
Please play the naughty sound of only two people with her in a quiet space.
Tonight's performance after the beginning of the introduction will be duet.
The intersection of bass and treble is a naughty performance that cannot be reproduced.

Piano duet sonata composed for duet by Mozart, a great musician born in Austria.
Only two people can play a sound comparable to that.
However, it is not known to the public that the piano duet sonata is unfinished.
Her voice, breathing, reaction.
Your fingering, leaking sighs.
Please enjoy your time as if you were completing a masterpiece with two naughty duets.

It's up to them to complete a convincing work of art.
Please lead to completion after many trials and errors.

She had many enthusiastic fans when she was a net idol.
The joy of being able to monopolize.
My melody unique to her beautiful will resonate in our shop as well.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


25 Oct 10:00 - 



[October 11 (Monday) 10:00 experience entry]

[Outstanding looks! Actress beauty]

I want to tell everyone ... I rarely see such a beautiful person !!
The aura that shines more than anyone else is an actress-type diamond looks similar to Aya Omasa, Maki Nishi, and Kouka Yoshi * in their heyday!

His main business is a fashionable stylist, but he looks so beautiful that he wonders which one is the subject.
It's a behind-the-scenes profession, but here at Number Five, it turns into a dazzling heroine that isn't pushed.

He has a cool image, but he has a humble and unobtrusive personality.
He is not aware of it because he is not confident, but he has a slender body line that is stylish, outstandingly erotic, and well-proportioned.
The silhouette with its slender limbs will catch your eyes in an instant even from a distance.

She wears a characteristic eye that seems to be sucked in and a peaceful atmosphere.
Its slender style and small-faced beauty make it a nice personality, and its charm is sure to always be with you and you won't want to leave it.
There is no doubt that you will fall in love at first sight with the elegant and cute features that are full of purity in the clear and clear eyes!

The pure white and innocent, moderately fruitful bust, and the straight leg lines from the base seem to represent her honest personality.
Naturally, your shoulders will be relaxed, and you will be healed by the casual care with a gentle tone full of peace of mind, and you will be intoxicated by the appearance of being exhausted.
She also has a devoted and natural eroticism that she feels when she sees a man feeling.

A new light that shines with a shocking and fascinating scent that you do not see in everyday life surrounds you, and the brilliance is gorgeous and lustrous, dashingly beautiful and outstanding, and everyone will be fascinated by her.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


15:00 - 23:00



[No.1 beautiful girl transferred by electric shock !!]

[When flowers bloom from buds ...]

With a track record of being No. 1 in the Cinderella Group, we have finally decided to transfer to our number five Shinagawa from Yokohama, the birthplace of the group !!!

Overwhelming popularity and achievements at Yokohama Cinderella.
All customers are impressed and excited ...
That popular beautiful girl, "Tsubomi" -chan !!
A talented person who won the No. 1 position in the group ranking !!!
What kind of whirlwind will be created in our shop !!

"The Bishoujo" is a realization of an ideal that has both a beautiful and gorgeous look and a pure and simple gentle personality.
A dazzling smile that is divine and sacred, like a fairy dwelling in the forest.
If you look at your smile with your clear, clean eyes, you'll be distracted.

And an artistic, tough and slender style that makes you hesitate to touch it.
Everything is high level, high quality!
We will surely invite you to the world of the highest level of joy and bliss.
Until now and in the future ...

I forgot one day, like that child in my first love.
Yes, she reminds me.
A faint love that revives like youth.
It becomes a bud in Yokohama and blooms here in Shinagawa.
A new miracle and a premonition of the dawn of a legend ...
You will be the witness!

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* Originally, the introduction will be in the LUXE rank, but at the request of the person himself, we will introduce in the PREMIERE rank so that we can meet more customers.
We will promote you soon, so please play as soon as possible.


14:00 - 23:00



[Complete industry inexperience]

[Modern Girl who loves laughter]

Crisp big eyes and crisp eyebrows.
An active female college student who has a young loli-like appearance but creates an adult atmosphere is entering the store!

Girl nowadays is enjoying the city of Shibuya by window shopping.
When such a girl is walking, it is the man's sex that he just calls out.

"Ami" is a talkative person who has a relaxed and self-paced personality, but once the conversation bounces, she becomes crazy about it.
An innocent and carefree smile and a charming gesture have the charm that makes you feel like that.

* It's petit information, but it seems that I used to watch "Mecha * ke" when I was little because I liked Ninety-nine, which is rare for Imadoki girls.
It seems that we are looking forward to the excitement of talking with the customers and the comedians.

This is the first time for a girl who is completely inexperienced in the industry.
The childish style, which is an E-cup but still has a little childishness, is very comfortable to hold.
The ears are particularly sensitive, and you can feel it just by whispering and licking it around your ears.
You should be motivated just by seeing how it feels natural even though you are not used to it.

The softness of the natural body and the healing atmosphere will be the best time just to be together.
Not only the cuteness of the appearance but also the clear and unadorned personality further enhances her cuteness and makes her feel as if she represents a single point of clear heart.

A little sad and lonely long autumn night.
When she's sentimental, she snuggles up to her side.

As a girl who is completely inexperienced in the industry, we appreciate your kind and gentlemanly play.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


19:00 - 23:00



[Complete industry inexperience]

[Margaret without dirt]

It is a pure, innocent, cute, neat and pure beautiful girl entering the store !!

A sincere and honest heart.
The slightly shy appearance is reminiscent of pure white margaret, a flower that blooms quietly in the field inconspicuously.
There are many charms that she doesn't even notice.

Like an idol! Cute Lorikawa looks.
A cute anime voice that is sweet and pleasant to the ear.
The fine milky white smooth skin has a natural body.
Just a triple three beautiful girl !!

Why did you set foot in this industry while being a party?
The mystery just deepens.

A small body of 149 cm, moderately palm-sized pull-pull boobs.
The charm point butt is tight and feminine, rounded and shining.
And the faint pink sacred secret part is a beautiful pie.
There is no end to counting ...

She is friendly, very friendly and cheerful, and she has a cuteness that makes her more and more drawn in just by being with her.
Serious, but clumsy and a little sloppy cute gesture.
The sweet and sour sweet loli voice like fruit is in my ear, and when I whisper "Older brother ♪", it feels like rising to heaven.
She blushes and trembles in your arms with anticipation and anxiety.
If you notice it, you might hug the princess without knowing it ...
There is no doubt that many of you will be absorbed in "Meychan"!

"Like ... dislike ... like ... dislike ...", fortune-telling the encounter between the two.
We will deliver the love that is hidden in your heart.

As a woman who is completely inexperienced in the industry, please be gentle and kind.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


19:00 - 3:00



[September 30th (Thursday) 13:00 trial entry]

[Romance with 100% purity]

It is the entrance of a modern female college student who has excellent looks with big eyes and friendly charm.

A pheromone that stirs up feminine lust that can be seen from a bewitching and elegant outfit.
89cm E-cup plump bust and glamorous, whip whip erotic BODY
The casual gesture has a scented sensuality, and the word "good woman" is perfect.

Her bright and unfussy personality and beautiful appearance, as well as her solid response and unobtrusive personality, further accentuate her charm.
He also has a glossy atmosphere that constantly seduces men.

Her facial expression in the bed scene is beautiful but sexy as if begging for something, and if you can see her gorgeous and beautiful facial expressions in pleasure, you will not be able to suppress your instinct as a man.

It seems that it is the happiest to see the satisfied face of a man, and a shocking remark that "I love to see the figure that a man feels ♪" with a devoted blowjob !!
I like to see men's faces that make them feel good, and they seem to get really excited !?
Her face is so erotic that if you taste her polite and sticky tongue while staring at her lovely and moist eyes, you will be overwhelmed.
It's hard to find a girl with such depth of cuteness, sex appeal and charm.
Be careful not to be too attached to her, who is ashamed and clings to her as she pleases.

Once you meet, you will want to play twice or three times ... You can see what that means.
Looks, charm, and service that are no longer complaining !!
Any man can knock out one shot.

Meet and fall in love, and you will be dyed in one color.
What is love ... the answer is here.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




[September 28 (Tuesday) 12:00 trial entry]

[Quiet and calm time]

A wonderful encounter comes with a gentle, modest smile and a humorous sensuality.

Peace and comfort.
The flowers that color your heart will continue to bloom softly and you will fall in love with her who smiles gently.

A sweet scent that attracts and appeals to men.
Facial expressions and gestures that invite you to a feminine and lustrous atmosphere.
Her pant suit, which clearly shows the body line, notices that the man's gaze is directed from the tough waistline to the upward hips that oppose gravity.
And beautiful long black hair with a sense of cleanliness.
The appearance that coolness and eroticism are mixed because it is long without cheating is exactly "proof of beauty".
There is no doubt that you will have to be convinced if you meet.

Although she is a solid and sophisticated adult woman, she is actually pure and deep.
He has little experience as a man.
A desire to be pampered.
In my private life, I can't control my desires, and even one person is doing naughty things and diverging.
Thin, long and beautiful fingers trace sensitive nipples and secret parts ...

He stares straight at you with his big, moist eyes, obediently leaves himself to his instinct, and opens the door of desire that was normally closed.

An exquisite balance of calm sex appeal, luster, and a straightforward and gentle personality.
Please release the lid of patience that seems to overflow and patience that seems to be stiff and not stiff with your wonderful escort.

Tonight, please give you a wonderful time away from everyday life.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.


22 Oct 20:00 - 



[Complete industry inexperience]

[Beautiful and outstanding talent gives a feeling of a new wind]

Looks are superlative and taiko no matter who you look at!
It's the entrance of an idol-like beautiful girl with a dazzling smile!

However, it is not just the face that should be noted.
Very polite, serious, honest, cheerful, laughing and sociable personality further enhances the friendly cuteness.
Although I don't understand everything, I am confident that I will be satisfied with the hospitality that I will do my best so that our customers can enjoy themselves.

"Mind, beauty, and body" are all very special women who are fused at a high level, so please do not hesitate to play!
Your busy time will never be wasted !!

How is her reaction that all the hidden parts are erogenous zones !?
It seems to be a fairly sensitive constitution, and being touched and gently licked is the ultimate comfort and ends up over and over again ...
The pant voice never leaves my mind.
Combined with the clear and clear tone of the voice, it gives you a wonderful impression, strongly and deeply in your mind and body.

Expectations for the time of only two people starting from now on will increase.
A woman who really loves people and can experience the moment when she is adorable and irresistible.
Please enjoy the precious encounter with her that can not be replaced by anything to your heart's content.

Now, the truth that this moment is never a dream, "a luxurious time to make your dreams come true" for you ...

Although she is a woman who has no experience in the industry, she says that she has more excitement and excitement.
Please be gentle and kind.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




[August 13th (Friday) 17:00 trial entry]

[Flower pattern memory]

A neat and elegant girl who looks like a doll.
Whether there will be an opportunity to meet such a woman in the future ...
There are more than enough beautiful girls in the store to make you think that way!

Very polite, soft and gentle demeanor and tone.
Petite and slender, or weak and delicate style.
And beautiful straight long hair reminiscent of good old Japanese women.

[Smile is indispensable for beautiful women]
A cute smile that melts in a girlish, fluffy pink atmosphere.
Just staring at it will arouse your expectations and curiosity.
It also has a warm and soothing personality, and everyone is reminded of Tokimeki, and I can't help but hug him tightly.
You can never imagine her naughty appearance starting from now on with the expression that you can see from the intertwined arms.

Once hugged, it has pale cherry-colored skin that makes you want to keep it in close contact with it, and a small buttocks with tension.
High-sensitivity boobs with beautiful breasts, good shape and erogenous zone.
My body reacts and gets wet.
As soon as the reason you are trying to keep collapses and becomes bold, if you stare at it with your moist eyes, you will be captivated both physically and mentally.

A sweet voice, a patience expression, a responsive gesture, everything is inevitable that you want to wrap up cutely.
The moment you enter the space of only two people, you should be able to feel the hidden instinct.

Gently and gently tie a floral ribbon to your unpredictable modern society and your exhausted heart.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.




[August 1st (Sun) 15:30 trial entry]

[That entertainer !! Very similar beautiful girl !?]

[Complete industry inexperience]

An angel who suddenly appeared in our shop.
Introducing a gold medal-class beautiful girl who instantly raises your erotic gauge with no experience in the industry!

A must-see for Miki ◯ fans of yesteryear, who was the most shining in the heyday!
Depending on how you look at it, you can take it with former S ○ E48 Rena Matsui, Miyu Honda, and former free announcer Mai Yamagishi ...
Looks like an idol entertainer who shines brilliantly and brilliantly, which can be compared to countless times!
A genealogy that will surely reach your favorite idol.

Fantastic F-cup breasts with fair skin like powder snow, a memorial-class intense Kawalux, with a patchy feeling that seems to be inhaled.
A bright, cheerful and charming personality is an absolute existence that is loved by men and women of all ages.
Once you talk, you'll be drawn into and engrossed in her very friendly and lively natural reactions and facial expressions.
It is inevitable that you will want to meet again! There is no doubt that you will be nominated!

Moist eyes that want something that you want to spoil.
A feeling of close contact that is more than a lover.
A paradise time that starts from zero distance, exceeding the closest distance.
With such a beautiful girl, such a thing and such a thing ...

A refined pure white F cup that is comfortable to hold, has a transparent and soft mochi skin, and is attracted to a fluffy heart like milky white.
Experience the imagination of being gently sanded.
Please enjoy the uplifting satisfaction with your whole body!

Wrapped in her friendly and sweet smile, she will be in full bloom with a smiling flower in full bloom.

Although she is a woman who has no experience in the industry, she has great expectations and fun.
Thank you for your kindness as a gentleman.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* It is expected to become very popular.
We recommend that you make an early reservation.




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