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Reona - Review




Reona is awesome!
Good body shape. Tall and soft body!
Same as photos. Her skills is good. Very polite and gentle. Not shy! 
Lovely conversation and she teach me a lot!
We having a great night at all.
Thank you Leona! 
Hope to see you again when i visit japan next time!


Miwa - Review




◯About the girl
I have not had many visits to Number Five GFE recently, but I think she is in my current Best 3. She has a wonderful smile.

◯Impressions on the price
I think it is a good price considering the level of service and the level of the women.

◯Impression of the erotic play
I think it is a good price considering the level of sensual service and the level of the girl.

◯Impression of the staff
I didn't see the faces of the staff, but I could feel they were smiling. It is good.


Rin - Review




In the midst of the three-year-long spread of corona infection that has not been cured and the spreading anxiety leading to a global recession due to the Ukraine conflict, I felt the happiest of the year to meet such an angel girl.
The cuteness of her smile, the brightness of her atmosphere, the healing power of her gentle gesture, all of them are 120 perfect points ‼️.
Eyes and atmosphere like a sparkling idol that opens the door. She is not only slender and stylish, but when she took off her cute clothes, she had attractive breasts, a tight waist, and excellent style.
I'm not sure if I will be able to see her again since she doesn't come to work very often, but I hope I can see her again.


Mio - Review




Beautifully shaped. She has a great healing effect.
This is my first visit to Number Five GFE Escort, and I chose the 75-minute course. When she took off her mask, I was surprised to see her beautiful face.
I thought she would be mainly passive since she gave me a calm impression from start to finish, but she also leads me well.
She approached me where I felt comfortable with exquisite force. It was not fair (a compliment) that she gave me an inviting look with her well-defined face.
She responded honestly to my aggression, and the moment her voice changed from calm to squirmy filled my ears as well. We were able to make out like lovers.
They are friendly and responsive. Just by looking at me, I get excited.
She gives the impression of being quiet, but she is not difficult to talk to and is easy to open up to.


Reina - Review




*Impression of Girl
Bright personality and rich play.
*Impression of Services
Number Five GFE Escort has a lot of innocent, amateurish girls, and the overall level of the service is stable, so I find myself frequenting the place. Recently, I have been checking the website to find a Japanese escort girl of my liking, as there are changes in the ranking. This time, I made a reservation for Reina, a somewhat rare and popular girl. I knocked on the door and there she stood, a beautiful girl with a smile and good style, although her image was different from her picture. We had a friendly conversation and the preparation proceeded in a flowing procedure. Her style and skin texture showed that she was well taken care of on a regular basis. The gap between the amateurishness and the skilled skill is a nice touch. The play was rich, and I was quite satisfied with the technique with a sense of skill. The staff was polite and attentive as usual, which made a good impression on me.


Non - Review




When you open the knock-knock door, you will see a girl with a big smile on her face.

She's so cute!

I was so excited just thinking about doing such and such things with this girl.
After inviting her into the room, she kept smiling and talking with me from start to finish.
Seeing her happy face even with leftover candy made me feel warm and fuzzy. I didn't expect her to get so excited about talking about candy, but I thought she was very good at making up a variety of topics even though she was young. She is a quick-witted girl. And when she stares at me with her pure eyes, I feel like I'm going to fall in love with her.
I had a good time with her.


Non - Review




Number Five GFE Escort has a variety of amateurish, neat, and pretty escort girls, and I generally feel safe and use it whenever I can find the time. I sometimes check the website to see which girls I like, because sometimes the rankers are replaced or the attendance of a girl I had been repeating changes. This time, I made a reservation for Non, whose diary gave me a good impression of her. After entering the room, I waited in anticipation, and a petite and pretty girl came to see me. I had an impression that she was sweet, but she has a friendly atmosphere and is cheerful and easy to talk with. Her form is a little thin, but I think her style is good. Her play is smooth, and you feel like a lover in bed. She is very sensitive, and I would recommend her to those who are aggressive. The staffs are courteous and friendly as usual.


Haruna - Review




Haruna is polite, kind, and cute, and I realized that she is indeed a girl who will be promoted to the premium level. She has a clear nose and eyes, a great style, and of course she is a very relaxing and healing girl to talk with.

She also washed me carefully in the shower, and I was satisfied with the healing time we spent together in the bath.

She also made me feel good during play, and I felt it with her, too, and we ended up fuming early. She listened well to my conversation afterwards and we had a good time talking.


Iori - Review




Her eyes are so rounded and she is legitimately kawaii! Her Hakata dialect sometimes makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a party!

I was somewhat put off by the fact that it was a high-class establishment, but I had the courage to use it. I was quite worried about the woman and called Iori, but she was even cuter than I expected! She was a lovely woman.

Her black hair is wonderful! Kawaii is the best! She was sweet like a little animal and made me melt in love with her. She also likes to talk and speaks in Hakata dialect when she is relaxed. I think it is important for men to talk to her in a fun way so that her Hakata dialect comes out naturally.

As for the play, she said, "Where is the neatness you had just now? I was disappointed in a good way! The sound she made when she sucked my cock was so loud and erotic! Also, when I licked her, she moaned so loudly and was so cute! It's really amazing that he is so erotic but still cute.

I couldn't help but call her back two nights in a row, so let's meet again!


Yua - Review




I went to Shinagawa on a business trip and used this service.
It was my first time to use this place, but I got a good impression from the Internet, so I took the plunge and asked for a longer time.

I left the girl to the store, but when I met her, I was surprised to see how beautiful she was. Her style was great, and as others have mentioned, her breasts were especially nice to look at and touch.

She was smiling and cheerful from start to finish, and I had a wonderful time while relaxing. Thank you very much.

I will be traveling again soon and would love to visit Yua again.


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