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Ririka - Review




I nominated her because I thought she was cute in her picture diary, and her fee was reasonable because she was a standard. To be honest, I thought the pictures in her photo diary were exaggerated, but I had expectations that she was a good girl because she was often sold out.

On the day of the meeting, I was waiting in the room with high expectations, but I was surprised when I opened the door. She was much prettier and prettier than her picture. What a standard!

Also, her attitude is great, she listens to me honestly, and as other reviews said, her skin is beautiful and smooth.
She also gets me excited when she feels good and reacts the way I like to be reacted to. It was really a dreamy 100 minutes.

I don't get a chance to visit her very often, but I would love to nominate her again.

I think the staff's overall response was also excellent. Thank you very much.


Mari - Review




Anyway, her style is divine.
Her breasts are so big that they overflow from both hands, yet she has a slim waist. Seriously, her style is like something you would see in a comic book, and just looking at her makes you happy to the max.

When we make out in the shower or on the bed, she looks so cute and happy as she says, "It would be fun to play like this! She is so cute and happy when she talks to us in the shower or on the bed, and she is just the best.

She responds to your requests with a smile and makes you feel happy just by being with her. She is beautiful, stylish, and very erotic. She is also open to multiple play, so I'll try that next time!


Mitsuki - Review




I met Ms. Mitsuki for the first time today! I waited for her arrival at the hotel and when I opened the door, there was a cute girl with black hair. She was slender and petite, and at this point I was glad I made a reservation today. I️My impression of her was further increased by her mischievousness and saying that she almost got the wrong room.

When she was getting ready to take a shower, she carefully folded my clothes and I could feel her kind consideration. Mitsuki's black hair was silky and comfortable to touch.

In bed, I felt a sense of tension because we were meeting each other for the first time, but I felt more satisfied because I was so new to the scene. Mitsuki's cocksucking was also very heartfelt and very comfortable!

She is a girl I want to repeat soon!


Haruna - Review




Haruna is polite, kind, and cute, and I realized that she is indeed a girl who will be promoted to the premium level. She has a clear nose and eyes, a great style, and of course she is a very relaxing and healing girl to talk with.

She also washed me carefully in the shower, and I was satisfied with the healing time we spent together in the bath.

She also made me feel good during play, and I felt it with her, too, and we ended up fuming early. She listened well to my conversation afterwards and we had a good time talking.


Iori - Review




Her eyes are so rounded and she is legitimately kawaii! Her Hakata dialect sometimes makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a party!

I was somewhat put off by the fact that it was a high-class establishment, but I had the courage to use it. I was quite worried about the woman and called Iori, but she was even cuter than I expected! She was a lovely woman.

Her black hair is wonderful! Kawaii is the best! She was sweet like a little animal and made me melt in love with her. She also likes to talk and speaks in Hakata dialect when she is relaxed. I think it is important for men to talk to her in a fun way so that her Hakata dialect comes out naturally.

As for the play, she said, "Where is the neatness you had just now? I was disappointed in a good way! The sound she made when she sucked my cock was so loud and erotic! Also, when I licked her, she moaned so loudly and was so cute! It's really amazing that he is so erotic but still cute.

I couldn't help but call her back two nights in a row, so let's meet again!


Yua - Review




I went to Shinagawa on a business trip and used this service.
It was my first time to use this place, but I got a good impression from the Internet, so I took the plunge and asked for a longer time.

I left the girl to the store, but when I met her, I was surprised to see how beautiful she was. Her style was great, and as others have mentioned, her breasts were especially nice to look at and touch.

She was smiling and cheerful from start to finish, and I had a wonderful time while relaxing. Thank you very much.

I will be traveling again soon and would love to visit Yua again.


Miwa - Review




My first impression when I met her was that she was a cute, smiling, and kind girl. I was excited and thought that if I made her my girlfriend, I would have the best healing and cuteness all to myself.

The first thing I did was to kiss her. Her soft lips are a comfort to the soul. We decide to shower together and undress each other. Their lovely style emerged, and I couldn't help but touch their fluffy chests. In the shower, she washed me while gently pulling my body close to hers, and we had a healing time in the bathtub as well.

We spent the time together in the bathtub, and I was satisfied with the healing atmosphere and her wonderful style.


Nanase - Review




I nominated Nanase because I like tall, beautiful women.
She was very serious and nice. Her skin was smooth and her boobs were super nice. I am disappointed in girls who are just big and droopy, but she has very beautiful c-cups.

Her nipples are small and when you lick them, they stand up nice and pin pretty. Her legs are long and beautiful. She says that jeans made by Japanese manufacturers are too short.

She also has a beautiful crotch. It was fresh and new, because she didn't use it very much. She said her clitoris was very sensitive.

We had a great time kissing and touching each other. She is a wonderful woman whom I would like to see again.

Please take good care of her.


Toa - Review




My first impression upon opening the front door is of a quiet, slightly shy-looking young lady, and after exchanging a few words, we get into the shower. I wondered if she was a little nervous. I wondered if she was a little nervous, but my expectations were high.

After kissing her deeply, I tried to give her a little blame, but "Toa-chan" bit my lip and felt my touch. When we switched the offense and defense, I was surprised to find that she was more daring than I had expected. After the finnish, we enjoyed talking about each other's hobbies and interests, as if the tension had been lifted.

When I was about to get out of the shower, she washed off the soap, saying, "You still have soap on you. I was very happy and satisfied with my stay.

I would like to see her again if the timing is right.


Reika - Review




□Evaluation of the girl
When I saw Reika's picture, I wondered if such a nice lady really existed. This time, I was blessed with the miracle of seeing her in the store for the first time in a year. She was even more beautiful than her picture, a young lady who was very gracious and polite with her words. I felt like a lover and enjoyed talking with her so much that an hour passed in a flash, and I was in a hurry to take a bath and have her company. I was so surprised, she had a great style, and her response was so wonderful that I regretted that I should have chosen the 150 minutes.

□Balance between price and service
I was very satisfied with the service and the price.

□Evaluation of play contents
I was extremely satisfied with the service.

□Evaluation of the staff
As usual, I appreciate the gentlemanly manner in which the staff handled me.


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