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Suzune - Review

Mr. Makaronnnoshuruigawakaranai

Satisfaction level: 5
The response of the store: 5
Appearance of the cast: 5
Content of play: 5
Impressions about the cast
She is full of meek cuteness.
She has a beautiful face that makes you want to stare at her forever.
She has a slender and fragile figure that seems to break when you hug her.
You can enjoy her hospitality and pseudo-romance.
Play content
She is able to match her partner's conversation and respond in a way that makes them happy, which naturally makes me grin.
She is very attentive and polite, but she is also a bit off in places, which is a nice touch and makes me want to talk to her forever.
We like to kiss, and she is always willing to do so.
Her sensitivity is good even if it's just kissing, and it's lovely to see her reaction.
I can't wait to see her again soon.
I hope to see her again soon.
Recommended points
The atmosphere.
I'd like to see her again soon.
I would like to see her again soon.
Thank you very much.


Suzune - Review

Mr. Yakeisuki

Sakamichi-style appearance (although her profile says "Halo Pro")
Before I go any further, I would like to say that I don't think I'm a good fit for those who are technique oriented or boobies oriented.
What she excels in is gentleness, healing, and cuteness.
She always takes care of her clothes and makeup, and she responds well to each person she meets.
This care is hard to find.
She is always thinking about the feelings of others, always striving to improve, and always considering the fact that people are spending their time with her.
Someone who can say "thank you" properly!
At her age, she is a truly wonderful woman who can be so caring.
She is thin and has beautiful skin, and her hair style and color are always neat and cute.
She is very pretty and has a delicate heart, and I hope that when you meet her, you will be kind to her and care for her.

I'm always grateful to have met her, and no matter how many times I meet her, she always has a wonderful smile on her face, and she's a source of comfort to me.


Suzune - Review

Mr. Miyachan

Suzune and I met several times in a short period of time.
I am even impressed that I could meet such a wonderful woman.
I think everyone has their own likes and dislikes, so this is just my personal opinion.

Anyway, she has a good personality, she is soothing and fun to be with!
As for your face, it's pretty for all to see!
The balance of her face is very good, and it transcends all the common things like how cute she is when she wears a mask, or how she looks better than in her promotional photos.
Her style is slender!
If you like big tits, I can't recommend her, but if you like slender women, you'll absolutely love her waist, her beautiful legs, and her beautiful skin.
If you like big tits, this is not for you.

If you're looking for a girl with big boobs and good play skills, she's not for you.

However, her appearance and personality will satisfy you. She has all my preferences covered, and I can't thank her enough for giving me a good time no matter how many times we meet.
Please take care of yourself and have fun meeting her!


Shigune - Review

Mr. kou

The content of her play and the conversation afterwards conveyed her sincere personality very well. I had a very good time after a long time. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again.


Shigune - Review

Mr. Nyaan

It was fun playing fish!
Now I'll be the koi, so please take care of me.


Serika - Review

Mr. N

She was very pretty, and...
She was a beautiful girl.
I don't mean to raise the bar.
I'm not trying to raise the bar.
I don't mean to raise the bar, but she looked like a half-Japanese version of
I don't mean to raise the bar too high, but she has the look of a half-Japanese girl.

She was also inexperienced.
I was nervous, but after talking with her and getting to know her a little better, I was completely taken aback by her aggressive flirting.
Her play was also very polite, and I guess her good personality came out in her play!
It felt really good.

I didn't want to write too much about her because she seems to be very popular, but I wrote this review as a sign of support.


Serika - Review

Mr. Tom Sawyer

I hope you find this review helpful.

Thank you very much for the other day.
First of all, I can't get enough of your beautiful body.

I love your beautiful body, and I love your cute little face when you make me feel so good.

Thank you very much.


Hikaru - Review

Mr. Nasu Kogen River Tenshin

It was true that she looked like the model Nanao.

If you like slender model beauties, you will definitely be satisfied.

I'm not an expert on this store, but I simply wanted to introduce you to a beautiful woman.

That's all I'm going to tell you.
From there on, it's all fun and games.


Otoha - Review

Mr. Tsuntsun

This one was also recommended by the store manager.

There is a lot of charm in her eyes through the mask. Her nose is also beautiful. The lips are very cute and the texture is great. I want to keep touching them.

She speaks with a soft air, but she has a very solid way of thinking. I guess she has a core. But in a good way, she is a calm character that doesn't make you feel that.

Her skin is white and soft, and the tips of her breasts are a sexy color. Her buttocks are also soft and comfortable to touch. Her legs have a beautiful frame with very small knees. Her legs are very small at the knees and have a beautiful frame. If she could squeeze them a little more, leg fetishists would not be able to resist.

Her height is in the mid 160 centimeter range, with a moderate amount of feminine flesh, and with her calm air, I think her style is more "soft and white" than slender.

She has a lot of cute parts, but she has a more mature side than the impression on the panel. If you are interested in her, you should try meeting her.


Otoha - Review

Mr. Shouichi

In conclusion, I personally found her to be very attractive.
Her looks are very cute as shown on her website. She is a little calm, fun to talk to, and very relaxing to be with.
She has a slender and tall body. She is slender, and her breasts are not too big or too small, but just the right size, well-shaped and beautiful. Her hips are tight yet soft. She has a model-like style.
Her body is very sensitive, and she likes to be attacked, so I really enjoyed her sex.


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