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Kanna - Review

Mr. Andre

First of all Kanna-san is even more beautiful live than in photos. Then, it was my first experience but she made me immediatly feel confortable and relaxed so i enjoyed every moment with her. I'm looking forward to meet Kanna-san again


Rumi - Review

Mr. Mr Alan Honda

Rumi-Chan was amazing!!
When I opened the door I was shocked how beautiful she was.
So genki and always smiling....
This was my first time using this type of service and she made my experience very enjoyable and definitely a repeat customer if I will ever get the chance again...


Sakura - Review

Mr. Miura

Character, manner, kind face, chest and sensitivity,
her personality is very nice,
I was looking for such a person,
You will feel that.


Shiori - Review

Mr. ST

Shiori walks in and it's exactly how she looks like in the photo. Tall, cute, and slim, she kinds looking like a model girl. 

We talked about food and restaurants that are good on our way to the hotel. 

Highly recommend, the cost is worth it. 

※Folks, I suggest not doing vaginal / anal sex bareback with someone that is not your partner or you know 110% is STD free unless you're the type of the person that loves playing Russian roulette. 


Shiori - Review

Mr. Serious Admirer

She is so nice and beautiful. Period. 

We had have been spending a good time together. I might need to extend the minutes in next time, so I don't need to rush into the things. 

Thank you so much for loving service, "Shiori". 


Yui - Review

Mr. Mr. Miyazaki (a Japanese customer)

If Yui was my sister.... How many times would I have to reincarnate myself to have a sister like her....

That's the kind of girl Yui is, her character is like super young sister. 

But if she was actually my sister, I might fall into total despair when she starts dating with a guy
or getting married... I was thinking this kind of weird things after the session. 

After all, what I want to say is, that I'm 100% satisfied with her.


Yukina - Review

Mr. Night Owl

I think "Yukina" is exceptional by Tokyo delivery health standards. 
As of March 2019, there is absolutely nothing like her. 

Unlike every other hotel health establishment in Tokyo, the number Five Shinagawa caters directly to English speaking foreigners. 

To make the shop even more appealing, it's located centrally in Tokyo and features unedited photos providers. 

I'll be absolutely biased and say that I hope the store is successful and is replicated by competitors. 


Rumi - Review

Mr. Wong (Foreigner Customer)

"Rumi" 's picture has always piqued my interest... She gives off a girl next door vibe. She's passionate from the start, doing some LFK before we hit the showers. 

After showering she puts on her costume and we started out with some DFK, DATY, always observing how she could make you feel better. 

Hopefully I'll be able to come back in the future. 


Ibuki - Review


Her face, body and even the peronality is simply AWESOME. Everytime I see her, she leads me to great ejaculation, she's the BEST.


Moeno - Review

Mr. Yuji (Japanese Customer)

Dear Moeno, 

I was just checking up on your photo diary and I'm glad that you seem to have got yourself recovered after 
you went home early the other day!

But...you're taking days off for a while and thats making me sad and I'm afraid that I won't be able to 
meet you ever again because you are so hard to make a booking! 
However, if I could make another reservation, I would be super happy and that what Moeno can do. 
The time you spend with her is just so precious and healing that you'll never be able to forget...

Hope to be able to see you soon! 



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