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Sakura - Review

Mr. Miyazaki

I made an appointment for her first time. And I already made an appointment for next when she left the room. You know how she is attractive.


Airi - Review

Mr. M (Japanese Customer)

She is perfect!
I'll choose her again!


Moeno - Review

Mr. Sho

I fell in love with you. You are so difficult to book... But I have always a great time when I can see you. I'm not a great writer, but I wanted to say how I'm glad to see you and my feeling. I cheer for you.


Moeno - Review

Mr. O who is now in Gotanda (Japanese Customer)


I finally could meet you. Thank you so much for your special time.

I couldn't stop watching your eyes from the beginning to the end.

I forget to tell you, you are so cute.

I want to make love with you again and get to know you.

Thank you so much. I had a great time.


Hana - Review

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

You are cute, friendly and have high hospitality.

I think you are the best lady ever.

I like when you hug me.

Best time ever☆


Moeno - Review

Mr. Yuji (Japanese Customer)

Congrats for promoting to ONLY ONE class! 
ONLY ONE class is just for you. You deserve to promote because you provide the best relaxation and luxury time. Thank you so much. You are kind, fun to talk with and attentive (///ω///)♪ 

Guys, you cannot meet someone like her! I don't want to post a review in here, because another customer will be my rival... But I can only cheer you like this way. This is why I'm posting in here.

I cheer for you Moenon.


Moeno - Review

Mr. Matsumoto (Japanese Customer)

She is cute and makes me relax.


Thank you so much.


Shigune - Review

Mr. ccc (Japanese Customer)

She provides a good service. She is natural and pure too.
I love when I listen to her stories.

I'll choose you again.


Mari - Review

Mr. Michel Michel

She is tiny, friendly and also cute.
She was my type of angel.
I'll choose you again.


Saki - Review

Mr. Mike

It was my first time to calling escort services in Japan. 

I just want to say Thank you so much.

She tried to speak English. That was really cute.

I'm going to Japan again for her.


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