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Sakura - Review

Mr. Miura

Character, manner, kind face, chest and sensitivity,
her personality is very nice,
I was looking for such a person,
You will feel that.


Neru - Review

Mr. J

Exclusive sesual and very cutie looks that she has. 

I have had an excellent time with her in my first-time service at Number Five Shinagawa. 

I can't wait to meet with her in next time. 


Haruna - Review

Mr. Yamada☆Tarou

She is very similar to Mr. Eiko Eto of Nogizaka.

She can be said to be an adult-like aspect, and it can be said to be a girlfriendly face.
Anyway it's cute!

Pushing Men's Mi senpai for me It was a moment I met a doki, but the charm was good and the tension soon broke!

Haruna-chan Thank you ☆ ☆


Sakura - Review

Mr. Karage is the best

She is pretty idol, she is unfamiliar, her style and her smile are also nice and nice to me! ! was. Conversation, compassion, which one Ichiban in the past! Intelligence is also wonderful.
I want to see you again on the way home I thought of when I could go next time and realized that it was the first time I wanted to meet so soon. I can hardly endure until the day I can see you next.


Honoka - Review

Mr. ℉

I have met you before, but I have heard the question as to why this girl is a standard.
I was pretty cute and it was Don Pissha.
I can not meet much, but I definitely want to meet again.


Sakura - Review


Thank you for the happy time. 
I thought it was a dream.

I'm so glad to see you.

Take care of yourself.


Honoka - Review

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

Thank you for the fun time. I always relax with you and 100%.

I read your blog all the time as well.

I hope this fun time continue forever...

Sorry for the trouble the last time. I was crazy.


Sakura - Review

Mr. ITC (Japanese Customer)

She is a beautiful, cute and nice person.

I never met a lady like her!

She is already difficult to make an appointment...

The time I spend with her is precious.


Sakura - Review

Mr. Miyazaki

I made an appointment for her first time. And I already made an appointment for next when she left the room. You know how she is attractive.


Hana - Review

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

You are cute, friendly and have high hospitality.

I think you are the best lady ever.

I like when you hug me.

Best time ever☆


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