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Otoha - Review

Mr. Kar8297

I had been curious about this place for a long time, so I used it for the first time. The staff on the phone was very polite and courteous, which is typical of a high-class restaurant. The girl was more beautiful than her picture. Her eyes and nose were clear, and if there were 10 girls, 10 of them would be beautiful. We had a good conversation and spent a lot of time together. She seemed to be able to play with both the blamer and the receiver, and I felt that I could enjoy her in various ways depending on the day, and I would like to use her again. If I praise her too much, I don't want to make it difficult to make a reservation, so I was a little harsh on the price part, but the quality of the woman was as high as the cost, and I'm thinking of using her again next time.


Otoha - Review

Mr. Levin

This was my third visit in a row.
I believe that sex industry is not just about having sex, but about getting to know the other person, even if it's only for a short time, and getting to know yourself a little, and cherishing the encounter for that moment.
I used to meet a lot of girls with different personalities, but after I met Otoha-san, I found myself enjoying my time with her not only because of her beauty, but also because she was so natural and relaxed as we talked.
I think everyone likes her, and I would like to continue to support her as a fan.
Thank you very much.


Ema - Review

Mr. Levin

You have satisfied me beyond my expectations. Thank you very much!
Ema was just so cute, stylish, chatty, with white skin and a beautiful pink area... I have no complaints about the cast.
I'm an old man, but she made me cum twice for the first time in a long time.
I would recommend this cast member, although I don't want to lose my reservation. I would like to repeat her.


Tsumugi - Review

Mr. KutsunomukiniurusaiM

She was more beautiful than the picture on the website, with bright eyes. But her personality is honest, simple, shy, and very cute. I wanted to hug her forever. I like to kiss and I like to be on the receiving end, so I'm sure I'll get hooked.


Ema - Review

Mr. BIX503

I hadn't seen her in a month, but she was still "beautiful + beautiful proportions + super sensitive" and her shyness hadn't changed, so I guess her sensitivity had increased even more... However, the main rule is to be soft and not to overdo the procedure... (laughs)
Anyway, she has a good personality, so I had a very enjoyable and pleasant time with her again. Please be careful not to go to work too often and get sick as we head into winter. I hope to see you again.


Ema - Review

Mr. Rusk

The conversation, the play.
And of course, she looks perfect.
Everyone will be satisfied.
I'm glad that you're doing your best.
I'm glad to hear that.
But after meeting her a few times.
But when you meet her a few times and bring out her true colors
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
I want to see her again.
I'd like to meet her again.


Momo - Review

Mr. MomochanLOVE

She is still as "cute" as ever.
Not only her face, but also her clothes, her gestures, the way she talks, and the episodes she tells me are all "cute". I can't tell you how many times I've said to her, "You're so cute" while we were together.
Not only is she cute, but she is also a smart woman who cares. She instantly knows what is required of her and what to do to make her happy, and responds to it as best she can.
Even though we have met many times, I find something new in her every time. She makes me feel like I want to spend all my time with her, and the time always flies by.


Kurumi - Review

Mr. Kp

From the moment I met her for the first time, she gave me a sense of familiarity as if we were old acquaintances.
Whenever I go to a place like this, I always research the preferences of the girl on the website and prepare a story so that I can enjoy her, but before I knew it, I found myself listening to Kurumi's complaints about her daily life.
Her play was also very attentive, and I was able to enjoy it without any stress.


Ema - Review


It's so cute and great, Emachan.
I've never experienced such beautiful, shapely, and
I've never experienced such beautiful, shapely, and easy to feel breasts.
It was like a photo album of beautiful girls from Scandinavia.
Her sensitivity is also outstanding, especially her profile is the best in the world.
Her personality is honest and she is a Japanese caress.
Her hips are also very cute and I touched and kissed them many times.
I had the urge to book her for 24 hours and keep her.
I'm about to go when I remember.
I apologize for being so flippant.


Mai - Review

Mr. Haradhi

Thank you to the staff for always being so polite. I've never met Mai before, but she is the best I've ever seen in terms of looks, style and service. She is a true Nogizaka-type girl, and would probably be the center of a group. Anyway, she's cute! She grabbed my uncle's heart. She is a crime-worthy girl.


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