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Minami - Review

Mr. Touch who like movie (Japanese Customer)

As a woman, the time I spend with a very charming and lovely Mumi-chan is valuable and valuable to anything in any situation. That was the case yesterday. Thank you. It will be a bit busy, but somehow, I am full of the feelings I have met next time.


Yuna - Review

Mr. S

I was overwhelmed all the time in a beautiful aura and I could not see my eyes.
I was able to have a very happy time.
Please take care of yourself.


Haruna - Review

Mr. Yamada☆Tarou

She is very similar to Mr. Eiko Eto of Nogizaka.

She can be said to be an adult-like aspect, and it can be said to be a girlfriendly face.
Anyway it's cute!

Pushing Men's Mi senpai for me It was a moment I met a doki, but the charm was good and the tension soon broke!

Haruna-chan Thank you ☆ ☆


Riyu - Review

Mr. Chiken Namban

She was pretty like a doll.

She can not bear the smile.
I will love it if I do that with a cute smile


Yuna - Review

Mr. Masanori

Attendance for the first time in about a year!
I saw my diary saying that I got interested!

I was able to enjoy nice boobs \ (^ o ^) /
It is going to be addictive ...


Azusa - Review


The moment I met, I was pretty and cute and my heart did not stop.
The conversation is also polite, kind and nice personality. A lot of fun story was made, and the tension gradually went away little by little.
Anyway it is beautiful!
A beautiful look that looks exactly like Miko ◯ in the heyday, body is a pure white super slender! My breasts are too beautiful.
Just remembering makes me happy.

I will nominate again.


Sakura - Review

Mr. Karage is the best

She is pretty idol, she is unfamiliar, her style and her smile are also nice and nice to me! ! was. Conversation, compassion, which one Ichiban in the past! Intelligence is also wonderful.
I want to see you again on the way home I thought of when I could go next time and realized that it was the first time I wanted to meet so soon. I can hardly endure until the day I can see you next.


Moeno - Review

Mr. Zombi

Finally I was able to enter the second time. I am a heavy user who goes through customs about 4 times a week.
Up to now 1000 people came in.
Not only in Tokyo, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, in Japan.
Among them, only 4 people thought that they wanted to keep seeing each other until they retired each week. Mino is one of them. The other three retired from customs.

Mino is the number one active marriage lady, the number nationwide.
Please do not retire absolutely


Moeno - Review

Mr. Yuji


Thank you for the rich and nice time yesterday (* 〃? 〃) ??? °
And thanks to Valentine 's 4 consecutive days.
I think that the tiredness was surely the peak, but on the contrary cared about this fatigue, really the morning was too tender ... tears seemed to come out (o ???? ?? o ??? ??)

Financier carefully enjoyed it while at home at that time!
I want to tell the impression early and I will post it to the word-of-mouth! Lol
Become a message to a rather than a word of mouth, a staff member, sorry m (_ _) m
Allowing this to help to convey the wonderfulness of this morning!

And ー ー ー ー ー ー was also delicious! I was able to do it very well, I was impressed with too much taste!
At the moment I took it, I got a slightly buttery rich aroma and a moist and tasty texture, "Eh, this is handmade and more Mino-san?" The inside is plump, sweetness and taste are exactly right! !

Loving financier, who made it by luck at the late night, was super delicious.
Thank you!
I was really lucky to meet you today ♪ ♪ (● ^ ∀ ^ ●) ♪ ♪

Every time I think, the time with Mino is really fun and it will pass quickly.
Mino-chan got magic, and from the moment we left the hotel and parted, "I would like to meet you soon".
So, if you try to make the next appointment, it is natural, but it was already sold out already (tears)

When can we meet the next ...
Mero magic seems to be unlikely to be solved.
Thank you so much every time.

4 Please take a good rest so that you do not get tired of working as a part-time, Moronon


Honoka - Review

Mr. ℉

I have met you before, but I have heard the question as to why this girl is a standard.
I was pretty cute and it was Don Pissha.
I can not meet much, but I definitely want to meet again.


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