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Ibuki - Review

Mr. Regular Customer

She has a perfect body like a model. Her face is like a pop idol musician.  I was so surprised. 


Ibuki - Review

Mr. Kai Canon (Japanese Customer)

Were you shy?
She is cute and she smiles.

I extended a minute because I really liked the services.

Please play with me before this year end.


Aoi - Review

Mr. I just came back from oversea (Japanese Customer)

I'm the person that ask to visit me at Shinagawa.

I choose because receptionist told me she is good and cute.

She was like a Japanese pop-idol.



Nina - Review

Mr. Satou (Japanese Customer)

She is still new. But she is so cute, because I know she isn't used to giving services.

I hope she won't be used to working here lol

I'll see you soon!


Minami - Review

Mr. Macaron Tokyo Tower (Japanese customer)

It was a long time no see Minami. She was kind and nice as usual. I had the best time in this year.  Thank you. I'll see you soon.


Moeno - Review

Mr. J (Japanese Customer)

I finally could make an appointment. I already felt good when she kissed.


Ran - Review

Mr. Nyanchu (Japanese Customer)

I was surprised when she entered the room. I was almost falling in love with her when she said 'see you next time.' I cannot see you often, but I'll revisit you for sure.


Moeno - Review

Mr. Ocean Guy (Japanese Customer)

I finally get to meet her! She is the perfect idol. I know why I had a difficult time to make an appointment.

I cannot visit you often, but I cannot wait to see you again. I hope you stay healthy!


Ran - Review

Mr. YYY (Japanese customer)

I had a difficult time to make an appointment with her, so I was really looking forward to meeting her. She was much better than I thought. I thought she is a little bit cold person from the picture, but she is friendly and kind. I had a great time spending time with her. I want to chill with her again.


Yuri - Review

Mr. Hyouketsu Lemon (Japanese Customer)

She has beautiful taking care hair and cute smiling. She also has wonderful bodyline. I had excellent naughty time. Well done! Number Five!


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