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Shigune - Review

Mr. ccc (Japanese Customer)

She provides a good service. She is natural and pure too.
I love when I listen to her stories.

I'll choose you again.


Mari - Review

Mr. Michel Michel

She is tiny, friendly and also cute.
She was my type of angel.
I'll choose you again.


Saki - Review

Mr. Mike

It was my first time to calling escort services in Japan. 

I just want to say Thank you so much.

She tried to speak English. That was really cute.

I'm going to Japan again for her.


Momo - Review

Mr. I love Momo-chan so much (Japanese Customer)

She is gooooood.

I was surprise how she is cute. She has really good style too. And she is so natural, but NAUGHTY. While I'm waiting for her, I cannot hold myself. She is polite too, so I'm for sure you will have wonderful time with her!


Ibuki - Review

Mr. I'll be regular customer (Japanese Customer)

She looks like a mode.

Her waist curve are perfect!

She looks good and I cannot stop touching her because she is too sexy...


Hana - Review

Mr. Bubble Tea Prince

It was my first time using this store. She was my type, so I called to store. The receptionist was friendly and kind. 

Hana was a better than the picture. I was too into play with her so I asked for extend course, but couldn't.

Next time, I'll play with her longer.


Ayane - Review

Mr. Mixed fried Meal (Japanese Customer)

It was my first time using this store.  The receptionist closed a lady for me.

I was so excited who is coming. 

She was perfect. 


Miu - Review

Mr. I wish you will be happy! (Japanese Customer)

I fall in love with you.
See you soon!


Ayane - Review

Mr. Touch who like movie (Japanese Customer)

I wanted to see you in 2018, but I couldn't ;(I'm so relaxed when I'm with you. Thank you!


Ibuki - Review

Mr. Regular Customer

She has a perfect body like a model. Her face is like a pop idol musician.  I was so surprised. 


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