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Miori - Review

Mr. Daibutsu (Japanese Customer)

I am indebted to Cinderella group. I was very interested in the health of high-end shops.
I have never used free until now, but surely a nice girl will come at this shop. I am very grateful to indecisive me and I can ask you with peace of mind. I am always grateful for your help. My Don Pissha was Miwa. Thank you very much.


Moeno - Review

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

Moeno-chan, thank you yesterday. Thanks to my confidence. I will write a word of mouth to express my gratitude.


It seems that I am still in my dream now even after a day. Any men will be drawn into a dream in a moment if you take on the magic of Moe.

Even if this is confused for the first time, it gently comes into my mind with a good conversation, and as soon as I can be gazing at her eyes with a big eyes of Hashimoto's ring Nana, suddenly kiss me ♪. . . Although the appearance is neat, though, the gap between the gesture which you occasionally show and the gob of small devil at the beginning of playing does not accumulate.

I think that it is probably a natural quality. A great heart was shaken by the height of the hospitality mind and the devotional dedication of customer first. I think that it leads to the large number of repeaters. I want to support you unconditionally.

Anyway, Moeno-chan is "ONLY ONE" suitable for the title of group No.1. It may be tough on your wallet, but it is worth much more to meet her than to go to other shops twice.

I am looking forward to seeing you again ♪


Suzuka - Review

Mr. Yoshikun(Japanese Customer)

She doesn't change from the first time we met, and she always welcomes me with a gentle smile every time.

She gives me a happy time like a real couple.
I want to meet her again!


Minami - Review

Mr. Tipsy White sawa- (Japanese Customer)

I'm so impressed that she looks like on the pictures on the website.

She is cute, adorable and has a sweet personality.  I also love her face. She is clean and always ready to be loved.

She looks at me with her beautifully sparkle eyes and enjoy the moment with me. Of course, she tries to fill my heart with all of the love.

I heard that there is a customer who told her how many times she and he can meet again. I also think the same way as the customer.  I want to meet her as much I can. Thank you always, and I will go to love again.

And, thank you for your attentive staff as well as the shop staff. I always use feeling well.


Rumi - Review

Mr. Wolf Gentleman (Japanese Customer)

I chose her because receptionist told me she is good.

When I met her, my heart moved. She has a cute smile and cheerful.

She is good. Excellent!

Thank you for the advice too!


Rie - Review

Mr. Blown (Japanese Customer)

The receptionist told me she is better than the picture...

That was true.
She is cute and makes me relax.

I'll call you again!


Moeno - Review

Mr. Hasemarunrun (Japanese Customer)

Moeno-chan, I met you really long time ago.

But you caught my heart from the time to still now.

Of course, you're cute, kind, and friendly. You make me always a happy feeling.

I always think when I can see you next time even before I meet you.

You have a huge dream, so as I'm your huge fun... I'll make an appointment as usual and visit you a lot.

It shouldn't be only me. Many of your fun will cheer you for your dream.


Sakura - Review


Thank you for the happy time. 
I thought it was a dream.

I'm so glad to see you.

Take care of yourself.


Yuri - Review

Mr. Esutou (Japanese Customer)

When I opened the door, a super beautiful lady was there!

If I see her on the street, I'll look at her two or three times.

Pictures are all real and nice, but she is better than pictures!

She is shy so that she won't look at me often but when I saw her eyes... She has big beautiful eyes...

Good looking style and fair-skin. Her blow job was also nice.

I'll choose her again, for sure!


Honoka - Review

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

Thank you for the fun time. I always relax with you and 100%.

I read your blog all the time as well.

I hope this fun time continue forever...

Sorry for the trouble the last time. I was crazy.


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