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Airi - Review

Mr. M

The price was a little high because of the LUXE rank, but I trusted the store's absolute recommendation and called her. I was surprised when I met her! She was far more beautiful than I had expected! Her looks were quite beautiful, but she also had a perfect style that made me think she was an active model. Her looks were quite beautiful, but she also had a perfect figure that made me think she was an active model. But the best part was Airi's personality! She was gentle, calm, and a little bit natural.
She knocked me out at first sight!
I'm sure she'll be very popular, but I'll definitely come see her again, so please wait for me until then.


Ema - Review

Mr. Bix508

My style is perfect!  The beautiful curves from her neckline to her hips from behind are spectacular. She says she's not tall, but her proportions are so good that she looks like she's 165cm.
Her personality is cheerful and her conversation alone was soothing.


Maika - Review

Mr. BIX504

I met her twice and I can only say that she is a very nice girl. Her face is charming, her proportions are good, her personality is friendly and cheerful, and she's very sensitive, so she's worthy of your attention! She may be modest about it, but there's no way she can't be popular. If you prefer small and slender girls, you may feel that she is too powerful, but she is tall and busty, so you will not be disappointed when you hold her. I'm sure I'll see her again when the time is right.


Nazuna - Review

Mr. Tsuntsun

From the moment the door opened, they communicated with me in a natural way as if they knew me from the start, which made me happy. Her voice is also cute. When she took off her clothes, she had tight abdominal muscles, feminine breasts, a tight waist, raised hips, and beautiful legs. Her touch is gentle and sensual, and her reactions are cute and sensual. She is not an amateur in the best sense of the word, and she is the best partner to enjoy pure eroticism. We only played for 75 minutes today, but we had two solid rounds. I'm excited to see how many rounds I'll get if I go long next time.

She is petite, cute, cheerful, energetic, and full of charm.
Slender but well-trained. Good communication skills, good eroticism.
...If you are into these elements, you should try playing with her.


Nazuna - Review

Mr. Ackey

It was my first time to use this store. And on my first day, I met the newface, Nazuna! She is as beautiful as you can imagine from her picture. When I opened the door, my imagination was instantly confirmed! She is even more beautiful than I imagined! We sat down on the sofa and started talking and making out, and I was already sunk! I was sunk even more when she washed my body in the shower and made out with me. In the shower, she washed my body and made out with me. I couldn't believe such aggressive skinship from such a beautiful woman... At the end of the session, she gave me a special smack, and I was in heaven. I'm still so excited even thinking about it now! I'll definitely call you again!


Nazuna - Review

Mr. BIX307

This girl is a complete little devil. It's not often that you meet a girl who likes H "things" so much. Her looks are so cute! But what's on the inside is really something! Don't be fooled by her looks. Don't be fooled by her looks. She has such a cute face that I can only describe as amazing. You can experience the world of "almost porn", so if you like intense eroticism, this is just the right match.


Ema - Review

Mr. Black oolong tea

Ema, who is always sold out and only comes to work during the day.
My wish came true and I was able to make a reservation.
On the day of the appointment, the store gave me the wrong room number, so I met her after trouble.
You can see her slender body from her stylish dress, but when you touch her and take it off, you'll see her healthy and firm breasts and buttocks, which are very sensitive and make you excited.
The tips are a beautiful peach color, and the brackets are top quality. The curves from her back will make you want to keep looking at her. I hope we can meet again.


Ran - Review

Mr. Golfer

I wonder when I'll be able to go to work again.
I can't wait.
I'm worried about your health at a time like this, but please take care of yourself.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again!


Nanami - Review

Mr. BIX510

She's cute at first sight! She is much sexier and full of good looks than her profile image. If you prefer glamour, we don't recommend it, but her slender body and super-sensitive breasts are worth attacking. She says, "I love sex! So, as you can imagine, the content of her play is wonderful, with her oral assault coming at you slowly and firmly. It was a good decision to extend the time because she can be aggressive and fun for both attackers and receivers. I hope to see her again.


Kanade - Review

Mr. Koukennninn

It was difficult to make a reservation, but I finally got to meet her!
I'm convinced that we sold out immediately!
She was a beautiful, neat, amateurish girl who fit the concept of the store perfectly!
She looked like she belonged to a famous women's college.
I'll try to fight for her again!
I'll do my best to fight for her again!


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