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For first-time visitors, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you enjoy your experience at Number Five with confidence. If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call us. An English-speaking receptionist is available to assist you.

Are profiles of ladies true?

Yes. We honestly write even about smoking and tattoo, which many customers think essential. We never change ladies face and body in th photo. We hire angels who don't need photoshop. "They are way more beautiful than I expected." You will think like this after playing with our escorts. Please use Number Five without anxiety.

Can I change a lady or cancel a course?

We're sorry, but you can't.

We only hire high-level Japanese escort ladies, so you won't ever change or cancel.
But, there's no accounting for taste. Please feel free to inquire anything unclear when making an appointment.
We sincerely answer all of them.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, we can write a receipt.

If you need one, feel free to ask our staff to write when making an appointment on the telephone.

Can I make an appointment on the landline telephone? Can I withhold my number?

If you are staying at the hotel, you don't need your phone.
But we need your hotel booking name and room number to make sure you are staying there.
If you are hoping to use our incall service, unfortunately, we ask your mobile phone number that we can reach you.
Customers' personal information transferred to storage terminals under tight security.
We take careful measures to avoid the leakage of information. You can be assured that it is safe to call us.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept payments by credit card.

We cooperate with Star Payment Corporation, one the big primary collection agency in Japan, making payment by credit card easy and safe.

VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted for Internet payment.

For further information, please call and ask our operators.
*We don't accept debit cards.

>> More info about credit cards

Is incall service available?

Yes. Please come to JR Gotanda station (in Shinagawa City) which is 10min from JR Shibuya station. We will guide you to love hotel, so please call us when you arrive at JR Gotanda Station. We highly recommend making an appointment before you arrive at the station.

>> More info about incall service

Can I make an appointment in English?

Yes. We are happy to accept taking customers who are Tourists, Bussiness man, and Immigrants.
We know Japanese escort services (fuzoku culture), and other countries escort services are entirely different.
If you have questions, we are happy to help you to explain the Japanese fuzoku culture.

Can I use the service with my guest?

Thank you for your inquiry.

Of course, you can make an appointment with your guest. If it's the case, we will ask your guest's phone number and name (If your friends don't have the phone number that works in Japan, we will ask hotel name and room number.)
We will guarantee, your friends, guests or business partners will enjoy Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo services and ladies.

From when can I start making an appointment?

Booking by WhatsApp is available three days before the session date. For booking on the phone, you can make an appointment anytime.
Depends on ladies, you might start making an appointment on the same day of the session date.
Please feel free to ask receptionist ladies available.

Can I have a lady at my hotel anywhere?

Some city hotel or business hotel may refuse to have other guests. We can search for this information, so feel free to contact us.
If you are looking to have a lady at your house, AirBnB or love hotel, we need your phone number to make an appointment.

Do ladies speak English?

It depends on ladies, so feel free to ask this information.
Even ladies who don't speak English, we teach ladies basic-level English to give you the best service. Because they don't speak English, you can feel TRUE JAPANESE LADY.

Why it's no full-service allowed?

We are sorry, prostitution activity (sexual intercourse) is illegal in Japan.

Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo is all licensed and legally escort agency. We banned all of full-service or asking companies for prostitution. Except for full-service, you will enjoy Japanese high-quality escort service.
No worry to play with our ladies.

Only Japanese ladies?

Yes. We only hire Japanese ladies.

Under Japanese sex culture law, we are not able to hire foreigners (expected someone is immigrant.) Also, we don't hire ladies who don't speak Japanese or not fluent in Japanese. Some ladies are half Japanese, half other countries but they grow up in Japan. We also mention this information on ladies profile on the website.
Cinderella group which run Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo is the biggest Japanese escort agency has over 3000 ladies. Our primary customers are Japanese, so of course, 99% of ladies are pure Japanese.
But we promise Number Five Shinagawa Tokyo or Cinderella group don' happen these things.

I don't want to get kissing or blow-job services.

Don't worry, please let us know when you make an appointment. Ladies will arrange services for you.
If you are looking for light service, we recommend using our sister store Gran Erotic Massage Tokyo. The store provides professional nuru massage and happy ending massage.

Is there a risk of contracting an STD?

Please rest assured that all our girls are tested monthly for STDs. If a girl is infected with an STD, she will be prohibited from working until she is completely cured, thus protecting the health of our clients.

Is it a legal escort?

Yes, we are a legal escort. We are registered with the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission in accordance with Japanese law, so please feel free to enjoy our esscort services.

How much do you charge?

Fees vary depending on the girl, course, and location. The hourly rates for each girl's course are listed on each girl's page. Travel fees are listed on the Price page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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