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Age:20 H165-89F-58-87

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

■Dear customer, Thank you for your support! Now she is PREMIERE angel■

She has a charm and a cute personality. It's like everyone loves her...
When I grab her hand, I feel like I'm back to high school student when I met my first girlfriend. Because she is so pure and natural.

It's like spending time with a real girlfriend. She gestures are so cute and cheer me up. That makes me so horny.

Good body like a sexy model, you can see her size F boobs, even she is wearing clothes.

When I'm looking at beautiful fair-skin, I feel like I want to take off her clothes and taste her body right now.

Everyone cheer up when they look at her honest and sweet smile eyes.

She is super sensitive and easy to make her come depends on the customer.
Find inside of her eros, and it's uncolonized her secret area. Her white canvas hasn't colored yet, paint it with your color.

She is so shy and looks not used to make love with customers...
Her body act 'honest' when you touch her...Oh my god, she is the best!

It's her first time to try out this industry, so please feel her, share happiness and feel her. Enjoy this important time, only you and her.

This is our happiness, we can introduce an excellent angel like her.

*She is first time working in this industry, we can only make an appointment who can be kind to her.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Boobs
Hobby Instagram
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Gentlmen
What is your favorite movie? Horror Movie
Who is your favorite celebrity? Mai Shiraishi (Japanese idol)
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Thu 26 Nov Fri 27 Nov Sat 28 Nov Sun 29 Nov Mon 30 Nov

Last 1 Spot Left



She is gooooood.

I was surprise how she is cute. She has really good style too. And she is so natural, but NAUGHTY. While I'm waiting for her, I cannot hold myself. She is polite too, so I'm for sure you will have wonderful time with her!

Mr. I love Momo-chan so much (Japanese Customer)

 You should choose her. I'm for sure, you can enjoy. She is a well-educated Nice Person. You should go see her while she is available. I'll go see her again definitely.  Thank you. 

Mr. Uncle (Japanese Customer)

You have a good time with her. She cares about me. You will be satisfied with her. I couldn't hold my feeling when I tease her. She feels but she isn't acting. Anyone love her. That's wonderful. She is fun to talk so spending time with her is excellent. She makes me like I'm spending time with a girlfriend. I became a big fan of her. I'll visit her even I'm broke.

Mr. Naka (Japanese Customer)

I like her honest and outgoing personality first at all. Secondly, her body is easy to feel, and she loves to kiss. The blow job was excellent as well. Last, she cleaned up bed and towels. That's I like about her. I never met her like you. I'll revisit you Momo-san. I want to talk more too.

Mr. Miura (Japanese Customer)

Kakubutsu reporters high scored her. They quote my review in their review. I'm glad I posted the reviews. We'll hard to make an appointment with her more, but I wish she will be a Premium Angel.  Would you do me a favor who choose her because reading this review? She is a little bit easy to get sick. She doesn't know her feeling until she wakes up. She might cancel your appointment. Please, don't judge her. You will be appreciated when you meet her for sure. She is that nice.

Mr. Miyazaki (Japanese Customer)

How she reacts, talk, smile and feel. Everything is cute. Oh man...( ;∀;) I'll choose you again♪

Mr. Naka (Japanese Customer)

I'm going to post the review to Momo get no waiting time when she is working. She is adorable. Inside and outside. She looks like Ai Yoshikawa, Rio Hirai, and Kokomi Narise. She just starts working but her schedule is always full of appointment. LUXE class is reasonable. I guess. Customer will be in trouble tho lol

Mr. Miyazaki (Japanese Customer)

She is great! Her smile gave me cheer. I'll see you soon.

Mr. Rei (Japanese Customer)

It was my first time to use this store. I think Momo should be higher than standard class. She is so cute.

Mr. Miyazaki (Japanese Customer)

She is cute and try to read me. I had so much fun with her. I was so relaxed. I want to see her again.

Mr. Nakamura (Japanese Customer)

She is better than I thought. I'll choose you again. Momo...Peach....lol

*Momo in Japanese is peach.

Mr. ta hiro (Japanese Customer)

It's my first time to use here. She was not on the website for a couple days, but now she is on there. I'm so relieved. I'll use again soon.

Mr. Kiyoshi (Japanese Customer)

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