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Age:21 T153 B83(C) W55 H82

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥48,000 ¥53,000 ¥68,000 ¥85,000 ¥120,000

Manager Message

Ms.Moeno is the best cute angel in the history of our stores.

We have over 3000 ladies in Tokyo area, but I would say SHE IS THE BEST in our group.
She is taking care of her pure fair skin, and perfect black hair has cuticle.
Above all, you should look at her beautiful and cute style.
If you meet her in the town, you will fall in love with her for sure.
Even let's say she is in a Japanese-pop idol group, she is going to be the No.1 idol,
and it's not an exaggerated statement.

She is the most talented lady in Japanese long Fuzoku history.
We will promise, you won't forget her if you meet. It will be the best time ever...

From Number Five to customer with assurance,
Please enjoy the highest angel of this century...

We can introduce an excellent angel like her. It is our happiness.

※Only appointment on the telephone.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Boobs
Hobby Traveling
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Who I can always be myself
What is your favorite movie? Disney movies
Who is your favorite celebrity? Kanna Hashimoto (Japanese pop-idol)
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Mon 25 Feb Tue 26 Feb Wed 27 Feb Thu 28 Feb Fri 1 Mar

Moeno-chan, thank you yesterday. Thanks to my confidence. I will write a word of mouth to express my gratitude.


It seems that I am still in my dream now even after a day. Any men will be drawn into a dream in a moment if you take on the magic of Moe.

Even if this is confused for the first time, it gently comes into my mind with a good conversation, and as soon as I can be gazing at her eyes with a big eyes of Hashimoto's ring Nana, suddenly kiss me ♪. . . Although the appearance is neat, though, the gap between the gesture which you occasionally show and the gob of small devil at the beginning of playing does not accumulate.

I think that it is probably a natural quality. A great heart was shaken by the height of the hospitality mind and the devotional dedication of customer first. I think that it leads to the large number of repeaters. I want to support you unconditionally.

Anyway, Moeno-chan is "ONLY ONE" suitable for the title of group No.1. It may be tough on your wallet, but it is worth much more to meet her than to go to other shops twice.

I am looking forward to seeing you again ♪

Mr. S (Japanese Customer)

Moeno-chan, I met you really long time ago.

But you caught my heart from the time to still now.

Of course, you're cute, kind, and friendly. You make me always a happy feeling.

I always think when I can see you next time even before I meet you.

You have a huge dream, so as I'm your huge fun... I'll make an appointment as usual and visit you a lot.

It shouldn't be only me. Many of your fun will cheer you for your dream.

Mr. Hasemarunrun (Japanese Customer)

I got her working schedule notification and I finary made an appointment with her. 

It was the first time to meet her, but she is really cute. We talked a lot and become friend with her!

While we are in bed, she was really naughty...

I know why she is difficult to make an appointment.

I want to see her again.

Mr. Dai-chan (Japanese Customer)

I waited for a half a year to see her!

I finally got to see Moeno-tan.

I used fuzoku over 200 times a year, but she was the best lady in these three years.

The problem is she is hard to make a reservation.

That was the greatest time ever.

I love you Moeno!

Mr. Zombi-chan (Japanese Customer)

I fell in love with you. You are so difficult to book... But I have always a great time when I can see you. I'm not a great writer, but I wanted to say how I'm glad to see you and my feeling. I cheer for you.

Mr. Sho


I finally could meet you. Thank you so much for your special time.

I couldn't stop watching your eyes from the beginning to the end.

I forget to tell you, you are so cute.

I want to make love with you again and get to know you.

Thank you so much. I had a great time.

Mr. O who is now in Gotanda (Japanese Customer)

Congrats for promoting to ONLY ONE class! 
ONLY ONE class is just for you. You deserve to promote because you provide the best relaxation and luxury time. Thank you so much. You are kind, fun to talk with and attentive (///ω///)♪ 

Guys, you cannot meet someone like her! I don't want to post a review in here, because another customer will be my rival... But I can only cheer you like this way. This is why I'm posting in here.

I cheer for you Moenon.

Mr. Yuji (Japanese Customer)

She is cute and makes me relax.


Thank you so much.

Mr. Matsumoto (Japanese Customer)

I finally could make an appointment. I already felt good when she kissed.

Mr. J (Japanese Customer)

I finally get to meet her! She is the perfect idol. I know why I had a difficult time to make an appointment.

I cannot visit you often, but I cannot wait to see you again. I hope you stay healthy!

Mr. Ocean Guy (Japanese Customer)

Moeno-chan, you're sexy and cute. You are the best.

Mr. Tomo-kun

I haven't played with her yet, but I'm so curious about you. I never saw a lady who is so hard to make an appointment.  That is war. I want to see you soon lol

Mr. Goku (Japanese Customer)

Moenon, I had a really fun time and you are so good and you're so sexy. You are very neat, cute and cute devil, but you are a little bit selfish when you are feeling good. Times has gone so fast with her.

Mr. Kyu

Moeno is what I aspire to be! She was I dreamed of! It's not an exaggerated statement, I really wanted to meet her. My dream came true. Everything is perfect that I respected. She was really cute♪

Mr. Moeo

You are so hard to make an appointment... Always SOLD OUT on schedule. I really want to see you.

Mr. Kiyohara have best score when he is rookie

I'm so intersted in Moeno...

Mr. Yasu

I can only say.... BEST TIME EVER☆

Mr. Anonymous

Moeno is my angel lol Let's have a good time again.

Mr. Middle Age Gentlman

I'll be your number one fan, even you change store. I am cheering for you.

Mr. Fan (Japanese Customer)

I'll be your number one fan, even you change store.
I am cheering for you.

Mr. Mr.Fan (Japanese customer)

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