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Age:21 T165 B84(D) W56 H85

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

Everyone thinks she is beautiful. She has something special. She is going to be famous for sure. Everyone will understand that. She is the best lady in here. She is like a goddess coming from heaven.

When you meet her, you don't want to let her go. You will regret "Why I didn't know her before." She isn't only beautiful. She has an honest personality, pleasant smile, beautiful voice and how she acts. Everything is perfect. Her body is a fair-smooth skin like silk. Beautiful boobs. She will bring happiness time with luck. She is like the Mother of Jesus. Mary. She will give you the love.

We can introduce an excellent angel like her. It is our happiness.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Nipple, clit and neck
Hobby Reading boobs and cosmetic collecting
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Who has passion
What is your favorite movie? Good Will Hunting
Who is your favorite celebrity? Takao Osawa (Japanese actor) Erika Sawajiri (Japan
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Wed 28 Aug Thu 29 Aug Fri 30 Aug Sat 31 Aug Sun 1 Sep

I play with her several times. Her personality and service are great. There are so many luxury escort service in Tokyo. I think this store is cheaper than another store.

Thank you so much.

Mr. Toshirou (Japanese customer)

I was so into her from start to the end. She has nice body, and also has good personality. I want to see her right now.

Mr. Sasaki (Japanese Customer)

Beautiful face and body. Above all, I'm more into her hart. I want to see her again.

Mr. Mr.Kazuhiro

We are waiting for reviews! :)

Mr. Number Five

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