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Sayaka's Profile

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Age:21 T165 B87(E) W57 H86

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

I would love to introduce Sayaka-chan who is first time working in the sex industry.

When you see her, your old sweet memory will come back. It's too sweet and bitter. This memory will disappear if you don't touch carefully.

Her body is too sensitive. She will react even you touch her lightly. Her beautiful boobs and long slender legs. You cannot stop watching her.

She is a little bit shy, but that is the cute side of her. You will be an addict with her for sure.

She will be the beautiful flower in your life!

She never works in the sex industry, so please be gentle with her.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Neck, ear and boobs
Hobby Movie
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Gentlemen
What is your favorite movie? Harry Potter
Who is your favorite celebrity? Takayuki Yamada
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Fri 14 Aug Sat 15 Aug Sun 16 Aug Mon 17 Aug Tue 18 Aug


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