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Age:21 H160-84D-57-85

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥35,000 ¥40,000 ¥50,000 ¥60,000 ¥85,000

Manager Message

Now we have the best lady!

Everyone thinks she is beautiful. When I met her the first time, I couldn't find any word to say, because she is TOO BEAUTIFUL.

She is also friendly and kind. She likes to talk to customers a lot.

But she likes to do naughty things too. She will be crazy on the bed...

You cannot forget the time you spend with her.

She will be the best Japanese escort lady in your history!

Angel's Info

Smoke Yes
Tatoos Yes
Erogenous Zone Boobs, Thigh and ears
Hobby Yoga
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Who is energetic
What is your favorite movie? Be impressed
Who is your favorite celebrity? Justin Bieber
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Fri 21 Jan Sat 22 Jan Sun 23 Jan Mon 24 Jan Tue 25 Jan



You are beautiful and also so nice. I had a really good time. I'll go see you soon!

Mr. Osawa (Japanese Customer)

We are waiting for reviews! :)

Mr. Number Five

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