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Age:23 T163 B90(G) W58 H88

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

☆English, French, Spanish Speaker☆

"Yukina" is such an attractive, unique and well-educated.

She works at a Foreign company during the day time. So then she speaks multi-language simultaneously, English, French, and Spanish.

You get surprised how gorgeous her looking is, you get pop an eye moment by just seeing her in person.

Skinny legs, slim and fit curves, busty titties and so real she provides you an excellence sensual moment that everyone's dream of.

It is our honor to showcase you a beautiful women like herself.
And it is guaranteed that you get an unforgettable moment.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos No
Erogenous Zone You will find it out!
Hobby Cooking / Travelling
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Gentlemen
What is your favorite movie? MARVEL Series / American Comics
Who is your favorite celebrity? Satomi Ishihara (Japanese actress)
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Wed 28 Aug Thu 29 Aug Fri 30 Aug Sat 31 Aug Sun 1 Sep

I think "Yukina" is exceptional by Tokyo delivery health standards. 
As of March 2019, there is absolutely nothing like her. 

Unlike every other hotel health establishment in Tokyo, the number Five Shinagawa caters directly to English speaking foreigners. 

To make the shop even more appealing, it's located centrally in Tokyo and features unedited photos providers. 

I'll be absolutely biased and say that I hope the store is successful and is replicated by competitors. 

Mr. Night Owl

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