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Age:22 T148 B84(C) W56 H85

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥45,000 ¥50,000 ¥64,000 ¥80,000 ¥115,000

Manager Message

[Complete industry inexperience]

[Fate encounter ...]

※ This cast will be introduced from 75 minutes or more.

It may seem like a great deal to express that way, but if you want to express her charm in a word, it's never a big deal.

You will be grabbed in a moment with a cute smile that sometimes shows off a refined beauty and refined and elegant appearance, a clean atmosphere and a soft atmosphere full of cleanliness and softness.
A transparent look that everyone will recognize at first glance, and an aura that is not dyed in any color is a treasure that only she can make.
Looks, hips and atmosphere are all beautiful girls in both one rank and two ranks.

The fascinating style wrapped in clear skin is the best.
Moist beautiful milk that sticks to the palm of the hand, a smooth curvy body line, fine soft skin, and a supple legged beauty.
An artistic body that is also drowning in touch is that the whole body is an erogenous zone.

Sensitive reaction no matter where you touch, not only the lips, neck, chest, buttocks, and secret parts, but also the leaking voice starts to vibrate all at once.
Every time you reach the peak, the reaction becomes stronger and resonates with your body ...
A throbbing heartbeat, hot excitement, and a leaking sigh will appear unknowingly, and even the decision-making right to reach the peak will be taken away.

We absolutely guarantee that you will be able to immerse yourself in an euphoric sense.
Please enjoy a time of bliss you will never forget.

We can deliver these best women to our customers.
That is the joy of our number five.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Whole Body
Hobby Walking in a city
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Someone who laughs well
What is your favorite movie? Musical films
Who is your favorite celebrity? Nozomi Sasaki(Japanese actress)
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