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Age:21 T165 B85(D) W56 H84

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

We want to provide ladies who have the best looks and beauty. She is what we are waiting for. We will introduce Airi. A lot of people used to like to say "one person in 1000year". She is more than that. She is model looks like Ayami Nakajyo.

We have a lot of interviews and so many beautiful ladies came, but she is not like another ladies. She has a strong presence.

When you meet her, you probably will be shy because she is too beautiful. But her kindness will make better. You and she can be natural. Only she can provide this great time. She is just one lady who has something special in this industry.

She has good style and beautiful looking. Nice and soft smooth skin. She is gorgeous as well. Cute small face and lovely nose will make every gentleman happy. She is educated so. You can have a pleasant conversation as well. She has good hospitality. Even you will enjoy time with her no talking.

We will guarantee, you can have relaxed with her beautiful smile and kind heart. We will promise "You cannot forget this time that the angel has descended.”

She will bring you "Relax" and "Luck" with her kind personality.

You don't need words front of her. Please feel her with your five senses. You will glad to meet her.

We can introduce an excellent angel like her. It is our happiness.

Angel's Info

Smoke IQOS
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone My spot...♪
Hobby Watch movies
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Who is clean
What is your favorite movie? Howl's Moving Castle
Who is your favorite celebrity? Shinichi Tsutsumi (Japanese Actor)
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Sun 24 Nov Mon 25 Nov Tue 26 Nov Wed 27 Nov Thu 28 Nov

She is perfect!
I'll choose her again!

Mr. M (Japanese Customer)

World of Airi lol She looks young beautiful college student. She is a little a bit natural airhead? I had so much fun time with you. Your naughty body is perfect as well.

Mr. Aron (Japanese Customer)

She looks like a model and friendly fun personality. She looks like a cute doll. I was about to go to heaven when doing naughty things to such a lovely lady like her. She has nice hips as well.

Mr. Kakashi (Japanese Customer)

Thank you for the last time. I was surprised about, you know what I was talking about. Even I'm old forks. She is of course beautiful, but I was so happy she was listening to me. I want to talk about high school baseball again.

Mr. Gorou Yamada (Japanese Customer

You have a nice fair-smooth skin. She is gentle? calm? anyways I was relaxed. She is beautiful not cute. I want to see her again!!

Mr. Housing for two generations (Japanese Customer)

I'm so surprised about Airi-chan. If you like natural beauty lady, you are gonna be into her. I still cannot believe she is working in this industry. I was like 'Really?' Even I met her and talked. I will use again.

Mr. Vegetable Stick (Japanese Customer)

Attractive cute smiling. I'm into her cute act like a girl. Conversation is natural, honest, and I can feel how she is kind. I want to see her again so much.

Mr. Accidental firing Chiiba (Japanese Customer)

I want to see you. Please play with me again.

Mr. Sakkun (Japanese Customer)

She looks like not Ayami Nakajyo, more like Gakky. Anyways she is cute and the best.

Mr. Gen Hoshino (Japanese Customer)

We are waiting for reviews! :)

Mr. Number Five

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