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Age:25 T165 B88(E) W57 H88

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¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

I also love to flirt with a bright and curious personality.
I'm ashamed, but I can't control the impulse that I always want...
Somewhere painless, I stare at you with a gaze as if to be tempted by your upper eyes.
There is no means to suppress desire in this situation.
Enjoy the miracle of an angel flying down in front of you.

The sweet and gentle story of two people, like the story of a beautiful woman and the beast she longs for, begins now.

We can deliver such best women to our customers.
That is the number one joy of our store.

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Erogenous Zone
What kind of guy are you attracted to?
What is your favorite movie?
Who is your favorite celebrity?
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