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Age:20 T155-B84D-W55-H82



  • ・Basic Services: French kissing, Cunnilingus, Pussy fingering, 69, Shower together, Blowjob with Condom, Oral without condom, Licking your nipples and balls, Cum in mouth, Cum on body, Foot fetish, Handjob, Tits Fuck, Sumata(intercrural sex), Extraball.
  • ・No Full-Service Allowed
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Manager Message

[No full industry experience]

Another beautiful rookie girl with great potential to grow and become a new legend at Number Five, with unlimited potential, has entered the store!

She has a handsome face that would make anyone look back and a very slender body.
She has a mysterious atmosphere and aura with her big eyes, which are pure and sparkling with a strong presence.
She is a multi-lingual, multi-talented woman in her own right.

She is very polite, polite, and serious, which is rare nowadays, and her appearance betrays her in a good way.
She has very little experience with men, but she was so excited to meet someone new and discover her hidden lust, that she knocked on the door of the industry.
She is full of enthusiasm with her heart pounding and excitement.

She's a little bit of a young bud, a little bit of a lonely girl, and a little bit of a spoiled child, but she's a gem of a girl who will grow up quickly.
She's just starting to climb the stairs to adulthood. We can't wait to see how much she will change into a baptized woman.
Please enjoy the holy garden that you have never been able to taste before, and bring out the hidden charm of Emachan with your kindness!

She has no experience in the industry, so please be a gentleman and be kind to her.

This is the kind of girl we can deliver to our customers.
That's the best thing about our Number Five.

Escort's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Tits.
Hobby Tour of sweets
What kind of guy are you attracted to? I like kind men.
What is your favorite movie? A movie with a sad story.
Who is your favorite celebrity? Ms.Ariana Grande.
Booking Tokyo Escort
Today Tomorrow

Today Tomorrow Tue 21
Wed 22
Thu 23
Fri 24
Sat 25

Reviews from customers

I am impressed by Ema, who is becoming more beautiful every time I see her, more stylish every time I see her, smarter, and continues to grow.

Her eroticism seems to be increasing as well. Her personality, smile, conversation, and play are all perfect. This is not talking about the technical level, but it was like spending time with a really cute girlfriend.

All the tiredness in my heart was healed, and all the stiffness in my shoulders and body mysteriously disappeared when I met Ema-chan! I wonder what it was! I will continue to support Emma in all her endeavors!

Mr. HigashinoUeno

You have satisfied me beyond my expectations. Thank you very much!
Ema was just so cute, stylish, chatty, with white skin and a beautiful pink area... I have no complaints about the cast.
I'm an old man, but she made me cum twice for the first time in a long time.
I would recommend this cast member, although I don't want to lose my reservation. I would like to repeat her.

Mr. Levin

I hadn't seen her in a month, but she was still "beautiful + beautiful proportions + super sensitive" and her shyness hadn't changed, so I guess her sensitivity had increased even more... However, the main rule is to be soft and not to overdo the procedure... (laughs)
Anyway, she has a good personality, so I had a very enjoyable and pleasant time with her again. Please be careful not to go to work too often and get sick as we head into winter. I hope to see you again.

Mr. BIX503

The conversation, the play.
And of course, she looks perfect.
Everyone will be satisfied.
I'm glad that you're doing your best.
I'm glad to hear that.
But after meeting her a few times.
But when you meet her a few times and bring out her true colors
I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
I want to see her again.
I'd like to meet her again.

Mr. Rusk

It's so cute and great, Emachan.
I've never experienced such beautiful, shapely, and
I've never experienced such beautiful, shapely, and easy to feel breasts.
It was like a photo album of beautiful girls from Scandinavia.
Her sensitivity is also outstanding, especially her profile is the best in the world.
Her personality is honest and she is a Japanese caress.
Her hips are also very cute and I touched and kissed them many times.
I had the urge to book her for 24 hours and keep her.
I'm about to go when I remember.
I apologize for being so flippant.


My style is perfect!  The beautiful curves from her neckline to her hips from behind are spectacular. She says she's not tall, but her proportions are so good that she looks like she's 165cm.
Her personality is cheerful and her conversation alone was soothing.

Mr. Bix508

Ema, who is always sold out and only comes to work during the day.
My wish came true and I was able to make a reservation.
On the day of the appointment, the store gave me the wrong room number, so I met her after trouble.
You can see her slender body from her stylish dress, but when you touch her and take it off, you'll see her healthy and firm breasts and buttocks, which are very sensitive and make you excited.
The tips are a beautiful peach color, and the brackets are top quality. The curves from her back will make you want to keep looking at her. I hope we can meet again.

Mr. Black oolong tea

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