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Age:21 T164-B85D-W56-H84




Manager Message

[October 14th (Thursday) 19:00 trial entry]

[My melody in your heart]

A beautiful girl with a unique background from music college to pianist to net idol is a shocking entrance !!

It's no longer like an idol class, an idol!
I'm a genuine former idol !!

The beauty is so beautiful that you can look back on it with your crisp eyes.
A perfect slender style that can be said to be a stone's throw for fair skin that is driven by the urge to touch as it shines.
Wear an overwhelming aura that is not an ordinary person.

Moist and smooth skin feeling.
Beautifully finished upward bust.
A tight and tight constriction that nails the line of sight.
It's hard to see a body line that you can clearly see even from the top of your clothes.

She is full of youth, and her heart and appearance stand out.
Isn't it a woman who wants to meet once, even if you use our shop with a certain eye for people, you have to be excited and have a love affair?
That urge is not a mistake!
Believe in that intuition !!

Her polite demeanor, cute gestures that make you feel a little natural at your own pace, and just talking about her will convey the goodness of her personality.
Her smile is impressive in any story, and her gorgeous atmosphere as a former pianist is just the beginning of what is about to begin.

A keyboard with beautiful, thin lines that you can play with your fingers, and a pedal that you step on with thin, long legs.
Please play the naughty sound of only two people with her in a quiet space.
Tonight's performance after the beginning of the introduction will be duet.
The intersection of bass and treble is a naughty performance that cannot be reproduced.

Piano duet sonata composed for duet by Mozart, a great musician born in Austria.
Only two people can play a sound comparable to that.
However, it is not known to the public that the piano duet sonata is unfinished.
Her voice, breathing, reaction.
Your fingering, leaking sighs.
Please enjoy your time as if you were completing a masterpiece with two naughty duets.

It's up to them to complete a convincing work of art.
Please lead to completion after many trials and errors.

She had many enthusiastic fans when she was a net idol.
The joy of being able to monopolize.
My melody unique to her beautiful will resonate in our shop as well.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

Angel's Info

Smoke Do not smoke
Tatoos Is not
Erogenous Zone A shameful place
Hobby Piano
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Friendly person
What is your favorite movie? Mystery movie
Who is your favorite celebrity? My Melody
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