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Age:21 T159-B85D-W54-H83



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Manager Message

[No.1 beautiful girl transferred by electric shock !!]

[When flowers bloom from buds ...]

With a track record of being No. 1 in the Cinderella Group, we have finally decided to transfer to our number five Shinagawa from Yokohama, the birthplace of the group !!!

Overwhelming popularity and achievements at Yokohama Cinderella.
All customers are impressed and excited ...
That popular beautiful girl, "Tsubomi" -chan !!
A talented person who won the No. 1 position in the group ranking !!!
What kind of whirlwind will be created in our shop !!

"The Bishoujo" is a realization of an ideal that has both a beautiful and gorgeous look and a pure and simple gentle personality.
A dazzling smile that is divine and sacred, like a fairy dwelling in the forest.
If you look at your smile with your clear, clean eyes, you'll be distracted.

And an artistic, tough and slender style that makes you hesitate to touch it.
Everything is high level, high quality!
We will surely invite you to the world of the highest level of joy and bliss.
Until now and in the future ...

I forgot one day, like that child in my first love.
Yes, she reminds me.
A faint love that revives like youth.
It becomes a bud in Yokohama and blooms here in Shinagawa.
A new miracle and a premonition of the dawn of a legend ...
You will be the witness!

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* Originally, the introduction will be in the LUXE rank, but at the request of the person himself, we will introduce in the PREMIERE rank so that we can meet more customers.
We will promote you soon, so please play as soon as possible.

Angel's Info

Smoke Do not smoke
Tatoos Is not
Erogenous Zone It's a chestnut
Hobby Shopping!
What kind of guy are you attracted to? I like the kind one
What is your favorite movie? Disney movie
Who is your favorite celebrity? Takuya Kimura
Booking Tokyo Escort
Today Tomorrow

Today Tomorrow Thu 9
Fri 10
Sat 11
Sun 12
Mon 13

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Photo diary

Reviews from customers

It was the first time I met her, but I was looking forward to seeing her as a kind and considerate girl since we had talked about her in the bikini talk beforehand.
And when the doorbell rang and I opened the door, there was an aura of a wonderful atmosphere in her smiling eyes though it was through a mask. I took off the mask and took off my coat, and an 8 head tall model type girl appeared❗️.
I guess she looks like a combination of Nao's model type and cute Myopa's model type divided by 2. A really cute model appeared in front of me.
She was nice to talk to, we had a nice conversation, and then we went to the bath ?.
In the bath, she washed me closely and carefully, gently but stimulatingly, and in the bathtub? with me, her cute demeanor was enchanting.
Then, after we had a soothing meal of Seven's apricot bean curd, we went to bed ❑(๑❑๑❑)
First of all, I attacked her aggressively. I was so fascinated by her good reaction and charm. We switched offensively, and the mouth attack and cowgirl position with the lotion made it happen in no time at all.
After that, we had a relaxing talk and I was very satisfied.(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Mr. mintapass

□Evaluation of the girl
Beautiful and slender Tsubomi is like an angel.
Her style is outstanding, and I don't think there is anyone who can't admire her beautiful body, well-shaped breasts, and slender, beautiful legs.
Also, her beautiful eyes will make you feel happy when you look into them.
I was healed just by talking with Tsubomi, who is intelligent and loves to drink.

□Balance between fees and services
I think the price is reasonable.
I recommend you to make a long reservation.

□Evaluation of play contents
I felt her kindness and consideration during the play.
I was healed both physically and mentally by her heartwarming kisses and her excellent oral and finger techniques.

□Evaluation of the staff
Very polite and attentive.

Mr. Ryuuzi

She looks just like a certain member of Nogizaka46.
She's cute and beautiful at the same time, with a touch of sex appeal.
I got nervous just by getting close to her face.
The picture on the website is beautiful, but the person I met in person was even more beautiful.
Not only her looks, but I could feel that she was taking good care of me.
I thought she was a really nice and good girl.
I heard that she is going to take a long vacation after March, so when she comes back
I would be happy if we could talk about movies again.

Thanks to you, I was able to have a happy and rewarding time.
Thank you so much for the wonderful time.

Mr. Sasa

I've been busy with work lately, and I wanted to get some healing, so I went to see Ms. Tsubomi after work.

Whenever I meet Tsubomi, I am healed and energized, and she makes me feel like I can do my best again for a while.

When I opened the door, she smiled at me in a cute way and told me that she missed me too, which made me happy even if it was a social call.

She was dressed in her usual neat one-piece dress, and I always admired her, thinking that no girl could look so good in a one-piece dress.

When I compliment her on her cuteness, she humbly says that there are cuter girls, but I have never met a cuter girl than Tsubomi, and she is the cutest.

Moreover, Tsubomi is not only cute, but she also has a very good personality and treats you with consideration.

If she was only cute, I probably wouldn't have come back so many times.

This time, too, I received a lot of healing and energy.
Thanks to you, I think I can do my best for a while again.

Whenever I feel like my battery is about to run out, I will come back to Tsubomi for her healing power.

The staff is always polite and helpful on the phone. I can use this service with peace of mind.

Mr. navy@

My heart was racing in the morning.
The desk clock at the office read 14:00.
I slowly closed my laptop.
Today was the day I was supposed to meet Tsubomi.
It had been eight months since I graduated from Yokoshin at the end of March.
It's been eight months since I graduated from Yoko Shing at the end of March.
I had decided to meet her after the regular customers had cooled down.
I had decided to meet her after the regular customers had cooled down.
Today was that day.
The trip to Tokyo naturally became quicker.

I remember you, thank you.
Her voice was cute and nostalgic.
Maybe it was because I was slimmer.
Her breasts seemed to have grown a little larger.
She is as beautiful as a Greek sculpture.

Her every gesture was polite.
I was happy to see that she was still the same.

We kissed each other as if we were colliding.
We kissed and comforted each other as if we were caring for each other.
I could feel the tenderness in her body.
The small panting sound is so good.
I'm glad I came to see you.

I will come to see you again.
Please take care of yourself.

Mr. Ichihara

From the moment you kiss her, you will be captivated by her.
Every expression is wonderful!
She has a great figure.
She will satisfy your desire when she plays.
She will heal you when she talks to you.
The next day, and the day after that, I will always remember Tsubomi.
Every moment I spent with her comes to mind.
And a week later, I found myself going to see her again.
This week, I'm feeling the urge to see her again.
I don't know if I can stand it...


It was the best time.
Her beautiful face, perfect slender body, and wonderful hospitality. I had a wonderful healing time with her, and the time passed very quickly.
I feel that there is such a wonderful woman in the world.
Thank you very much!

Mr. O

She has a melancholic and mysterious charm. Her skin is tight and her eyes are big. Taut breasts and hips. She looks young, healthy and beautiful on the outside, but she seems more suited to bossa nova than to Nogizaka pop music. Her gestures and speech are lovely and slow, so even older customers won't be confused. play is polite and gentle, making you feel like a lover. As expected, she is a gem who was very popular in Yokohama. You can't go wrong with her.

Mr. Toto

I went to see Tsubomi, who had taken care of me a lot at Yokohama Cinderella, when I heard that she had moved to Number Five Shinagawa.
Is it high-class? The price was higher, but I thought Tsubomi was a more suitable girl for this place.
Maybe it was the concept of the store, but she was wearing a stylish autumnal knit and skirt, her hair was curled, and she looked even more beautiful than before.
If I passed her on the street, I would definitely look at her twice or three times.
The white underwear she wore when she took off her clothes also suited Tsubomi very well.
While we were talking and hanging out together, she had a very cute expression on her face, and it was because of Tsubomi that I could enjoy both her beauty and cuteness.
The time I spent with Tsubomi was nothing but happiness.
Once again, I received a lot of healing and energy. I will come to see you again!
I know it's tough to be in a new environment.
I'm sure it's a tough time for you in your new environment, but I hope you're doing well and not overworking yourself.
Lastly, it was my first time to use your service, but you guided me very carefully and booked a hotel for me, so I could use your service with peace of mind. Thank you very much.

Mr. navy@

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