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Age:21 H160-85C-56-84

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥35,000 ¥40,000 ¥50,000 ¥60,000 ¥85,000

Manager Message

[December 8 (Wednesday) 18:30 trial entry]

[Complete industry inexperience]

[Previous ○ Atsuko-like high-sense beautiful girl]

In addition, one beautiful girl who makes us feel a bright future is entering the store!

An absolute ace of former AKE48, a well-organized and dazzling look reminiscent of Atsuko Mae ○ !!
Fashionable and fashionable sense is a presence that attracts attention from the surroundings.

"Autumn high in the sky"
An excellent material with a sense of transparency like a clear water surface, like a refreshing and clear autumn sky.
Originally, she has a cheerful personality, and her cheeks are blushing with tension, and she is so adorable that she wants to hug her.

Flaxen hair that shines brightly.
Glittering eyes without a single point of cloudiness.
Smooth and smooth young skin that you will want to touch forever.
Thin and moist cherry-colored lips.
A natural appearance without any annoyance as a person, its pure atmosphere and aura.
Expectations for the time of only two people starting from now on will increase.

A clean and well-maintained body line on the waist.
Slender proportions will witness a mysterious glow that everyone can't help but convince.

Please sharpen your senses and enjoy a joyful time that goes far beyond your imagination.
Watch the moment when a duckling, who doesn't know right or left, flaps like a beautiful swan with your hands.

As a woman who is completely inexperienced in the industry, please be gentle and kind.

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

Angel's Info

Smoke Do not smoke
Tatoos Yes (minimal size on the left upper arm)
Erogenous Zone Ear
Hobby Music appreciation
What kind of guy are you attracted to? A person who is inclusive
What is your favorite movie? Home Alone
Who is your favorite celebrity? SEVENTEEN
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Fri 21 Jan Sat 22 Jan Sun 23 Jan Mon 24 Jan Tue 25 Jan

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