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Age:22 H154-85E-55-85

60min 75min 100min 120min 180min
¥40,000 ¥45,000 ¥57,000 ¥70,000 ¥100,000

Manager Message

[November 3 (Wednesday) 16:00 trial entry]

[Popular active AV actress descends !!]

That, while the acclaimed popularity of a certain major famous production is rising rapidly, a new AV actress in season is entering the store by electric shock!
I am deeply impressed that such a special woman has finally been enrolled in our shop Number Five Shinagawa.

Dignified eyes, high nose, and sexy, plump lips.
With a slender slender body, the crisp curvaceous beauty that flows from the narrow waist to the hips gives off a dazzling shine.
The ideal style for a gorgeous and gentle face is a single-piece actress who is reputed to be one of the promising newcomers in the industry.
There are many opportunities to interact with people in terms of work, and his behavior and behavior are brilliant, and his enthusiastic and serious personality is combined with elegance to create a more sophisticated personality.

And it is worth mentioning that the tsundere and the well-shaped E-cup god beautiful breasts!
This is raw spit!
The soft and tense bust is something you should see and touch live.
Is this a gift from God or a gift of daily efforts?

Contrary to such a pretty appearance, he says that he has a shallow laughing point and laughs Uedo, the so-called "galley".
The cute "dimples" that occasionally look into her face are one of her charm points, and her charm is perfect with her crumpled smile!
Just laughing and talking will make you happy.

She is very curious and has an amazing ability to act so much that she is interested in this industry and hits the door.
Above all, it is worth living to enjoy sex with all your might, so there is no doubt that you and your friends will burn up!
Perhaps she has a pure personality and a straightforward body, her sensitive, lively and beautiful face collapses with her climax.

Seeing is believing, we strongly recommend that you meet once!
Why don't you create a dense work with "Mana-chan" in the real world, not through the screen?

We can deliver the best women like this to our customers.
That is the greatest joy of our Number Five.

* It is the fastest in history and has the potential to be promoted to the LUXE rank.
Please play as soon as possible.

Angel's Info

Smoke Aikos
Tatoos Is not
Erogenous Zone Back, thighs
Hobby Game
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Those who laugh a lot
What is your favorite movie? Evangelion
Who is your favorite celebrity? Susumu Terajima
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow Thu 9 Dec Fri 10 Dec Sat 11 Dec Sun 12 Dec Mon 13 Dec

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