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Age:20 T157-B86E-W57-H85




Manager Message

Thank you for supporting with her. Now she is a PREMIUM angel!

We have a lady who is you will say 'YES' when you meet her for the first time. When I had an interview with her, I thought she is very mature and educated. That was my first impression of her.

She is outgoing. Cute and beautiful. When she looks at you, it's like your sweet love start.

She has a pure and honest heart that make a gentleman relaxed. She is gorgeous, calm and honest.

She is the lady that every gentleman want to be with. Slender, fair-skin. E-cup boobs and beautiful hip. Her sexy legs make us horny.

You will enjoy naughty time with natural and sexy Haruna! You will tease her and have a wonderful time.

This is our happiness, we can introduce an excellent angel like her.

Angel's Info

Smoke No
Tatoos None
Erogenous Zone Clitoris
Hobby Shopping and trio
What kind of guy are you attracted to? Who is honest
What is your favorite movie? Studio ghibli movie
Who is your favorite celebrity? AKB48 (Japanese pop-idol group)
Online Booking
Today Tomorrow

Today Tomorrow Tue 29
Wed 30
Thu 1
Fri 2
Sat 3


Photo diary

Reviews from customers

Haruna is polite, kind, and cute, and I realized that she is indeed a girl who will be promoted to the premium level. She has a clear nose and eyes, a great style, and of course she is a very relaxing and healing girl to talk with.

She also washed me carefully in the shower, and I was satisfied with the healing time we spent together in the bath.

She also made me feel good during play, and I felt it with her, too, and we ended up fuming early. She listened well to my conversation afterwards and we had a good time talking.

Mr. Mintapass

Full of praise. I'm glad to see you. You really were as pretty as your name "Spring". Take care.

Mr. Maru。

She is very similar to Mr. Eiko Eto of Nogizaka.

She can be said to be an adult-like aspect, and it can be said to be a girlfriendly face.
Anyway it's cute!

Pushing Men's Mi senpai for me It was a moment I met a doki, but the charm was good and the tension soon broke!

Haruna-chan Thank you ☆ ☆

Mr. Yamada☆Tarou

She is so cute. Her service is excellent too. I want to see her again.

Mr. YYY (Japanese customer)

Haruna-san, You ranked up while I don't see you. You are my type. Beautiful face and kind lady. Nothing to say. I cannot go to often because I came to see you when I have a business trip. I cheer for you. Please play with me again

Mr. Tebasaki Kikoushi (Japanese Customer)

I enjoyed talking and naughty play this time too! I felt really good because she was trying. I'm going to choose you again!

Mr. N Yama (Japanese Customer)

Better than pictures, nice girl, I had a great time! I had a too much fun, so I extended minute. I think we were just talking but Haruna-chan was a smile from start to the end, naughty and had a lot of fun! 

I always think the receptionist is nice. I understand why ladies in this store nice as well.

Mr. N (Japanese Customer)

Natural beauty, cute smiling, like Sailormoon character profile and perfect goddess in boy's hart.

Mr. Ro (Japanese Customer)

She is better than the pictures. I'll choose you again.

Mr. NSD (Japanese Customer)

She is a Barbie doll.

Mr. Ro (Japanese Customer)

You are 【 ONLY ONE 】from my eye.

Mr. Ro (Japanese Customer)


10:00 AM - 04:00 AM
(Reception hours are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)