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Sumire - Review




Had a great session with this sexy babe. She is very friendly and super cute. The bj was fantastic


Yukari - Review




Her style is great. She has a nice body that is ideal. She has beautiful breasts and a beautiful face. Her personality is very frank and friendly. We kissed each other deeply as a greeting. From the kiss, you can tell that she is a nice girl. After enjoying a long kiss and rubbing her boobs, it was time for a shower. She is good at skinship even in the shower. She generously attaches her beautiful body to me. It's a heavenly place with a good eroticism and a good feeling. Personally, I love to have my penis washed while having her tits pressed against me. When she licks my ears, my cock is completely erect. She sucks my cock and rubs my balls while she sucks my cock, which is also very pleasurable. After she licks my anus well, I return the favor with a cunnilingus. She was so excited that it made me feel like a man. When I put my finger in her vagina, she was so tight that I could not help but feel her jerking and shaking. She makes me feel really good. The way she uses her hands, the wetness, the lovey-dovey feeling, the friction, everything is great. The riding position bareback is especially good. I always end up with a nice body while looking up at her nice body and watching her swinging her hips. Even after ejaculating, the lovey-dovey feeling remains the same. She lets me spend sweet time like a lover until the end, so I don't waste even a second.


Suzuka - Review




She is a flirtatious girl with beautiful tits. She had a cute face and was very naughty. She was smiling from the moment I met her and kissed me all the time. She continued to kiss me carefully and I ejaculated in no time at all. We chatted lightly, and she started the second time and was very understanding of my desire to have hot time with her.


An - Review




She looks like a strong girl in her picture, but when I met her in person, she was so sweet. Her elegance, which suited Ginza, led to her sexiness. She was a beautiful girl, but also sexy. When she was naked, her body was beautiful and erotic. Fun time, cute smile.


Hinano - Review




Since I was able to travel to Tokyo, I wanted to have sex with a cute girl from Tokyo, so I used this service. I chose Hinano because she was highly rated in the reviews and she was the type of girl I like. After about 20 minutes of waiting at the hotel, Hinano arrived. She was younger than her picture and had a cute smile. She is exactly the type of girl I like. Her boobs were not big, but they were beautiful, soft and sensitive with beautiful nipples. Her blowjob was nice, her kissing was passionate, and the Tokyo girl was really great.


Yua - Review

Mr.Asakusa Boy



She was a girl with big, soft, tits. Not only her tits but also her face was cute, her smile was brilliant, and she smelled good. I really like a naughty girl like Yua.


Yurika - Review




Yurika, who was Pornstar, was the best girl! Beautiful! Charming! Cute tits! Everything was HOT! Her personality was kind and fun and I'm so glad I nominated her!


Reona - Review




Reona is awesome!
Good body shape. Tall and soft body!
Same as photos. Her skills is good. Very polite and gentle. Not shy! 
Lovely conversation and she teach me a lot!
We having a great night at all.
Thank you Leona! 
Hope to see you again when i visit japan next time!


Miwa - Review




◯About the girl
I have not had many visits to Number Five GFE recently, but I think she is in my current Best 3. She has a wonderful smile.

◯Impressions on the price
I think it is a good price considering the level of service and the level of the women.

◯Impression of the erotic play
I think it is a good price considering the level of sensual service and the level of the girl.

◯Impression of the staff
I didn't see the faces of the staff, but I could feel they were smiling. It is good.


Rin - Review




In the midst of the three-year-long spread of corona infection that has not been cured and the spreading anxiety leading to a global recession due to the Ukraine conflict, I felt the happiest of the year to meet such an angel girl.
The cuteness of her smile, the brightness of her atmosphere, the healing power of her gentle gesture, all of them are 120 perfect points ‼️.
Eyes and atmosphere like a sparkling idol that opens the door. She is not only slender and stylish, but when she took off her cute clothes, she had attractive breasts, a tight waist, and excellent style.
I'm not sure if I will be able to see her again since she doesn't come to work very often, but I hope I can see her again.


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